Armed Trump Supporters Surround Biden Campaign Bus & Ram Staffer’s Car


Armed Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus and rammed a Biden campaign staffer’s car in Texas on Friday. The confrontation occurred while the bus was driving down a local highway. A sizable group of vehicles that were displaying Trump campaign material had been lined up along the edge of the road and waiting for the Biden bus to pass by, and when the bus arrived, the drivers sprung into action and positioned their vehicles around the moving bus, seemingly trying to box it in and run it off the road. According to Dr. Eric Cervini, who was with the Biden campaign on the scene, “many” of the Trump supporters were armed. During the tension, one of the president’s followers hit at least one Biden staffer’s car and left visible damage.

Check out video of the lined-up Trump supporters and images of the confrontation and aftermath below:

In the aftermath of the highway confrontation, an event that had been planned for Pflugerville, Texas, was cancelled due to “security reasons,” according to state Rep. Sheryl Cole (D). A joint event had been planned including the Biden campaign and Austin Young Democrats. Cole said on Twitter that “Unfortunately, Pro-Trump Protestors have escalated well beyond safe limits.”

This incident is not the first time that Trump supporters have attempted to disrupt the Biden campaign’s operations — although it’s seemingly one of the most violence-oriented examples. Earlier this week, in Houston, Trump supporters brought a hearse and a sign that said “vote like you life depends on it.” The juxtaposition of the sign and the imagery obviously, of course, could suggest a threat of violence if the election doesn’t go the Trump campaign’s way. According to a post from Texas state Rep. Rafael Anchía (D), that hearse (or one like it) seems to have shown up again alongside the Biden campaign bus on Friday. These Trump supporters’ behavior is maniacal.

Dr. Eric Cervini — who, as mentioned, was on the scene with the Biden campaign when the Trump supporters physically confronted the Biden campaign bus — relayed a troubling firsthand account. He said that police were apparently vastly outnumbered by the Trump supporters and “refused to help.” Cervini also reported that there were no injuries among Biden campaign members. Cervini observed that Americans who are concerned about the Trump campaign’s chaos “can create such a landslide that their efforts are futile, sending a message that Nazi tactics have no place in America.” Tens of millions of Americans have already voted, with Election Day right around the corner.

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