Trump Trashes Supreme Court Justices During Saturday Rally Debacle


President Donald Trump planned a whopping four Saturday rallies for Pennsylvania, which underlines just how critical that the state is to winning this year’s election. The first rally was in Newtown — and during his remarks, Trump sluggishly presented his conspiratorial perspective, as if he was struggling to capture the same kind of rally energy that had propelled his campaign in the past. Vox journalist Aaron Rupar observed that Trump did “not sound like a guy anticipating a big victory in 72 hours” as he went “on and on” with his reality-disconnected remarks.

In one particularly disturbing moment, Trump went on a tirade against a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing extra time to receive mail-in ballots for counting. He called the ruling a “terrible, political, horrible decision that they made.” He demanded an abrupt end to the ballot-counting, and he totally baselessly alleged that “very bad things can happen with ballots during that period of November 3rd to whatever date they gave them.” The president is peddling ignorant conspiracies about valid ballot-counting processes, sowing doubts about the election.

Watch Trump’s unhinged comments below:

At one point, discussing the purported opponents of his campaign, Trump claimed that they’re “fighting so hard” and “hate what they’re seeing.” Trump claimed that these campaign opponents “don’t like the numbers that they’re seeing in Florida and in Ohio and in North Carolina” — although to be clear, there are no results yet from any of these states. Although it’s true that many registered Republicans have already cast their ballots around the country, Election Day hasn’t even happened yet! Suggesting that any kind of conclusive numbers have emerged from a single state just does not reflect reality. If groups like The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump are any indication, a significant number of registered Republicans aren’t even voting for Trump this year.

Subsequently, Trump complained that a supposed scandal surrounding supposed contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t getting more mainstream media coverage. Allegedly, Joe Biden himself was involved in this corruption — but there is a glaring lack of evidence for this allegation. Thus, journalists are focused elsewhere. Trump ranted to supporters:

‘They are corrupt. They are really corrupt. The word “fake” is not strong enough, especially after what we’ve seen where stories, major stories, the biggest story anywhere in the world is absolutely not covered. It’s hard to have scandal when you have no coverage, and they work in conjunction with Big Tech, and they protect each other, and they protect the Democrats, because with the Democrats, you don’t have somebody up talking like I do about them.’

Check out Trump’s comments below:

Actually, some prominent Democrats — like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have been very vocal in their opposition to the business practices of so-called “Big Tech.” As for the media, Democrats don’t run with the “fake news” allegations because they are a deranged fiction. Furthermore, Trump’s allegation that there’s some kind of conspiratorial cooperation between mainstream media outlets and “Big Tech” is false. Amidst this final desperate push for his re-election, Trump isn’t even getting his basic facts straight. He’s pathologically lying to America.