Trump Caravan Takes Over & Partially Shuts Down Highways In N.Y. & N.J.


On Sunday, huge caravans of Trump supporters effectively shut down sizable portions of major highways in both New York and New Jersey — both of which, of course, are almost certainly going to go for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the ongoing presidential race. The affected area in New York was the Mario Cuomo Bridge, which is about 26 miles north of Manhattan. Meanwhile, the affected area in New Jersey was the Garden State Parkway, which runs for quite a lengthy distance and was slowed at least in the vicinity of an area called Cheesequake. That highway’s so-called “express lanes” ground, in part, to a complete halt amidst the pro-Trump demonstration.

Video from both slowdowns has emerged. Footage from the New York demonstration shows a group of Trump supporters entirely stopped in the middle of the road, with people outside of their cars and standing in the roadway while holding items like a megaphone and a large Trump flag. Many similar pieces of Trump regalia were on vehicles on the scene. Ironically, Trump supporters have frequently complained about protests and demonstrations that have affected roadways — but when they decided to push their own angry nonsense on the world, a sizable group of Trump supporters from the New York and New Jersey area seem to have suddenly not had a problem with stopping traffic for political causes.

Watch New York footage below:

In New Jersey, Trump supporters could also be seen outside of their vehicles, waving items like Trump flags at passersby. Watch New Jersey footage below:

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle shared that she was “not sure why” the president’s supporters had effectively shut down part of the Garden State Parkway. Were they trying to win people to their cause? Were they trying to intimidate potential opponents? Just recently, a harrowing incident unfolded when reportedly armed Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus as it was driving down a Texas highway. These Trump supporters moved their own moving vehicles into position on what seems like just about all sides of the campaign bus, seemingly trying to box it in and run it off the road. The FBI is investigating the incident — but Donald Trump has praised the people in the vehicles who confronted the bus. During the altercation, one Trump supporter even hit a Biden staffer’s vehicle.