Trump Strands Supporters In The Bitter Cold Yet Again After Rally


After a Saturday evening rally in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, large numbers of Trump supporters were again temporarily stranded in the cold. After a recent rally in Omaha, Nebraska, large numbers of Trump supporters were temporarily stuck in the freezing cold after the Trump campaign failed to ensure that adequate numbers of buses were ready to take the supporters back to their cars. One report said that at least seven people were taken to a hospital after the Omaha Trump rally debacle. Meanwhile, the Saturday night temperature in Pennsylvania was a little above freezing (at about 41 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact) as Trump supporters yet again waited in the cold for transportation to show up.

Check out photos from the Trump rally scene below:

The Trump supporters were waiting for what seems like an hour and a half to two hours. Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh made an angry response to a post from a CNN reporter on the scene, insisting that the Trump campaign was actually adequately providing for the rally attendees — but Murtaugh’s post, with an image of the president’s supporters boarding a bus that he claimed was just taken, came a little more than an hour after the initial post from CNN’s DJ Judd. When Judd originally posted about the debacle, the president had already left the site, so significant time had already passed, meaning the people getting on the bus in Murtaugh’s photo probably had to wait for awhile. Besides —  the Trump campaign spokesperson isn’t a trustworthy source.

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During an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show on Saturday night, reporter Ryan Nobles commented as follows, discussing the scene outside the rally:

‘We walked into a logistical nightmare. There were thousands of people, shoulder-to-shoulder, nowhere to go, no buses in sight, and no direction from anyone on the Trump campaign to tell them where to go or how to get back to their parking spots.’

Nobles snapped a photo of Trump supporters who were walking just about three miles away from the rally site trying to get back to their vehicle.