Trump Tricks Low I.Q. Supporters Into Financing Him Through December


Donald Trump’s grifter grandfather would have been so proud of his grandson. POTUS went from paying for his son’s Boy Scout fees out of his now-defunct and forbidden charity to the biggest con of all. The president of the United States’ snake oil was his four years in office.

Sure, he stole the 2016 election with the help of his buddy Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yet, Trump did not stop there. He is going for a second round at the job and not even bothering to hide his intentions.

Naturally, he projects onto his opponent what he himself would do at his rallies, according to The New York Times:

‘FRAUD like you’ve never seen to ensure we have the resources to protect the results and keep fighting even after Election Day.’

But with that message, at the same time users must “proactively click to avoid making multiple contributions.” Nice touch Mr. President, conning the elderly out of their Social Security checks until well into December. But then again, Trump considers his followers his marks.

What he does is have the automatic donation be a weekly recurring one instead of the traditional one-time-only donation. After all, POTUS plans on spending a lot of their money on attorneys, fighting his loss.

Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for the Trump’s campaign said:

‘This race will be very close, and it is possible that multiple states will require recounts and potential additional spending from our campaign. The election process this year is under extraordinary circumstances, and we are also anticipating that Silicon Valley will attempt to interfere with our online fund-raising efforts post-election.’

Mike Nellis is a Democratic digital strategist specializing in fund-raising noted that if these donors read the fine print, they could “opt out of recurring contributions both before donating and afterward:”

‘They’re inventing new deceptive tactics to essentially steal money from people. They’re going completely and totally scorched earth on their own supporters. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Three days before each recurring charge, donors are emailed a reminder that the charge is about to occur. There is a one-click link inside this email for donors to cancel if they wish. Our process is extremely transparent.’

Murtaugh continued:

‘When the recount or litigation process ends. the recurring payments will end.’

Caitlin Mitchell is a top digital strategist Joe Biden. She made fun of Trump in this tweet. The Biden campaign said it had never offered donation matches:

‘Today in record-breaking achievements of grift.’

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Trump is being far outspent and has started talking money at his rallies with some frequency:

‘I could have been the greatest political fund-raiser. We have plenty. You can only buy so many commercials.’

The idea of gold and platinum donation cards has been floated, and one email talked “2020 Trump Diamond Card.”

Republican pollster who previously worked in digital fund-raising Patrick Ruffini said the “Trump campaign’s digital marketing tactics mirrored Mr. Trump’s personality.” He said that the president called his presidential campaign an “optimization machine:”

‘The president doesn’t have a filter, and there aren’t a lot of restraints on what they’ll say or do from a fund-raising standpoint either. The matching inflation is a running joke.’

Democratic digital fund-raising specialist Julia Rosen said what Trump was doing was like “giving kids candy instead of their Wheaties [a temporary sugar high followed by a crash]:”

‘If you start off offering donors matches, they like that, and it becomes a situation where then they’ll only give if you give them a match. They have optimized themselves into absurdity and parody.’

Nellis pointed out:

‘It’s clear they are just trying to squeeze every penny out of this thing while they still can.’

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