Cindy McCain Snubs Trump Again With Passionate Closing Statement


Cindy McCain — the wife of the late John McCain — has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and on Monday, with hours to go until Election Day, she has published a new message of support for Biden’s candidacy in USA Today. McCain directed her pre-Election Day message of support for Biden to fellow Republicans, insisting that she wanted to explain to them why she has concluded that Biden “is the best choice on this year’s ballot to lead the nation as president of the United States.” McCain cited points including Biden’s support for American national defense and his readiness to lead the United States out of the Coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the country.

Biden “understands the importance of national defense and has a long and strong record of support for the military,McCain said. Trump has reportedly privately referred to fallen soldiers as “losers” and “suckers,” and publicly, he has repeatedly derided prominent veterans, like Cindy’s own late husband, John, who served during the Vietnam War. Trump has taken credit for a Veterans Choice program that provides government support to veterans seeking medical care outside of the VA health system — but it’s John McCain himself who co-sponsored the original legislation that originally founded that program. Trump signed an extension of it into law.

Cindy McCain also said that Americans “can have every confidence” that Biden “will ensure that the country cares for and supports our heroes with the same honor and devotion with which they have served us.” Veterans won’t be left behind. Critically, she also pointed out Biden’s readiness to lead the U.S. through a meaningful plan to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

As Cindy McCain put it:

‘[A] President Biden will provide the leadership the country demands to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. No one will work harder in bringing the nation together to achieve the mission. Guided by a genuine spirit of bipartisanship, Joe won’t be looking for Democratic ideas or Republican ideas but the country’s best ideas to ensure that our families, businesses, communities and country recover swiftly.’

Rather than focusing on leading the U.S. through some kind of systematic plan to combat the Coronavirus, Trump has sometimes prioritized complaining about the media coverage that the pandemic has gotten. He insists that this coverage is conspiratorially meant to make him look bad, which is nonsense. American are getting sick and dying, and Trump is still obsessed with himself.

In her new piece, Cindy McCain concluded, in part, with the following message:

‘My husband believed in straight talk and country first. So do I. Joe Biden is the right choice to be president at this pivotal time in the country’s history. He is a patriot who believes passionately in America and the principles and values that make it great. He will be a leader whom all Americans can count on to put country above party, patriotism above partisanship, and national interest ahead of his own. Most important, Joe will unite a deeply divided country and bring together all Americans to address and overcome the great challenges we face.’

John McCain represented Arizona in the U.S. Senate for decades. During this year’s presidential race, Arizona — which Trump won in 2016 — could be a critical pick-up for whichever candidate wins the election.