Trump Eerily Threatens Governors During Deranged Election Eve Rally


At a Monday rally in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump belligerently went after the state’s governor, Tom Wolf (D). The president insisted that “we’re all watching” Wolf, and Trump suggested that there’s a possibility of Wolf cheating in the election, but this allegation is totally baseless. There is no Democratic conspiracy on the part of leaders in Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the country to “cheat” or otherwise “steal” or “rig” the election. These claims from Trump about the Democrats are essentially pure make-believe — but he’s using them for belligerent public attacks on the governor’s credibility and election integrity.

Not only is Trump threateningly undercutting confidence in the election and belligerently harassing Gov. Wolf — he’s doing so not long after the FBI foiled a right-wing militia plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D). In the wake of the revelation of the plot against Whitmer, Trump has not let up with the vitriolic antagonism that he’s sent her way. At a rally, for instance, as attendees chanted “Lock her up!” in reference to Michigan’s governor, Trump chimed in and commented “Lock ’em all up!”

In Pennsylvania on Monday, Trump said the following:

‘We know what goes on in Philadelphia, and it’s been going on for years, so Governor: open up your state, and please don’t cheat, Governor — please don’t cheat, because we’re all watching. We’re all watching you, Governor. We have a lot of eyes on the governor and his friends — a couple of other governors out there too.’

There is no years-long election fraud in Philadelphia, as Trump claims. It’s worth noting — based on the most recent estimates from the Census Bureau, black residents of Philadelphia slightly outnumber white residents of the city — and it’s this city that Trump is using as a target for his election conspiracy theories. He’s again targeting marginalized communities. Watch Trump’s unhinged comments below:

Later on during the same event, Trump zeroed in a topic that, quite simply, likely isn’t near the top of the priorities list for many voters: Twitter’s “Trending” section, which shows a list of the currently most-talked about subjects on the platform. Trump insisted that the “Trending” section is purposefully orchestrated against him — which is laughable. Trump, as president of the United States, is so wrapped up in himself that — as Americans struggle through multiple crises — he is insisting that there must be some kind of conspiracy behind parts of the internet that he doesn’t like. What a joke.

Trump said:

‘I see it, I see it with Twitter Trending. I know what “trending” is better than anybody in the world. I’ve been trending my whole life. From the day I was born, I’ve been trending. They take a story, they make it worse — a boring story, boring stuff. They’ll take something, and they’ll say — Number One trending! Trump this. It’s not trending. What trends is stuff that you don’t wanna talk about right now — not having to do with me either, by the way.’

Check out his comments below:

Pennsylvania will likely be a key state to watch after polls close on Election Day. It’s one of the Rust Belt states where the race is the closest, based on pre-Election Day polling, and the importance of the state to any winning coalition has been underscored by the repeated campaign stops there from Trump and Biden.