Kayleigh McEnany Insults Black Voters During Election Day Blunder


During an early Tuesday appearance on Fox, White House press secretary — and top Trump campaign adviser — Kayleigh McEnany claimed that the “story of this election” will be that the “Black vote” came to Donald Trump. This notion seems, quite simply, ridiculous, and heading into initial results, her proclamation seems to underline just how hollow that the president’s hopes of victory really are. In a Pew Research survey that was published a little under a month ago, in early October, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden led among Black voters by a whopping 81 percent. Not only that: in the same survey, Black Biden supporters were among the most likely to characterize their vote as for Biden rather than against Trump.

Facts did not seem to get in McEnany’s way. She insultingly patronized Black voters. Discussing issues like an ongoing fight over the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots to be counted in the swing state of Pennsylvania, McEnany self-confidently proclaimed:

‘We will take our case to the Supreme Court as needed, but we don’t think it will come down to that, because I’m predicting now: We win Nevada. We win Minnesota. I do believe that President Trump has a landslide, and this talk of litigation is nothing… The story of this election is this: the Latino vote came to President Trump. The Black vote came to President Trump — in numbers that we have not seen, because he has been a president for the people, fighting for the black community, the Latino community — every American.’

The idea that Trump has somehow stuck up for “every American” just doesn’t reflect reality. What about the residents of the low-income housing that Trump has obsessively derided in the final stretch of the campaign? What about immigrants? What about Muslims?

On Fox, McEnany repeatedly insisted that the Trump campaign thinks that the final results will be a “landslide” in favor of Trump. More specifically, she also insisted that the Trump campaign believes that Ohio and Florida are a “lock” for Trump — although even if Trump does win those two states, there are still other critical swing states elsewhere.

McEnany also criticized the Biden campaign for… campaigning. She pushed the conspiracy theory that Biden has been hiding out in his “basement” throughout the final lead-up to Election Day, but this notion is a fiction. Biden has been out on the campaign trail in states across the country — Election Day Biden events aren’t making up for some kind of lack of previous campaigning. McEnany’s idea that Biden hasn’t been “fighting” for the votes of Americans is just totally fictional.

McEnany claimed to the host:

‘We left it all on the field. [Trump] took his case to the American voters, and you have Biden finally out of the basement on Election Day, trying to catch up with President Trump — but voters are wise, voters are smart, and they see if Joe Biden would not fight for your vote, he will not fight for you as president. He can try to make up time here on Election Day, but voters see through that act and that charade.’

Check out McEnany’s comments below: