Trump Sprays Swamp Juice On PA With Legal Move To Stop Vote Count


We hold our breath as we wait for Joe Biden-Senator Kamala Harris to accept their mantle as the 46th president and vice president of these United States. It will be such a relief to have a president who is not a such a walking bucket of electric spit.

We watched as GOP senators stood wordlessly behind POTUS in silent support on the crazy elevator to the top of a vacant Trump building. Once there, they discovered the only way down was a fatal jump. People will not forget. They cannot get away with siphoning off the cream of 45’s power, then come forward shouting “I didn’t do anything!” They did, and America will not soon forget — two years from now or four or six.

NBC News reported a breaking piece of news as we begin to let ourselves wonder what a President Joe Biden-Senator Kamala Harris presidency will be like. NBC News called Michigan for the former vice president even as the Trump campaign filed dual lawsuits against Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The man who occasionally sits in the Oval Office was enraged when the signs of defeat started appearing in the darkest hours of the night. A 74-year-old man in a temper tantrum is not a pretty site. The president continues to shout “Off with their heads! Off with their heads!” even as his false teeth clatter to the floor and crack.

The so-called commander-in-chief, if he cannot get his candy, is willing to burn the candy store down. He is suing in Michigan to halt the vote count and Pennsylvania to challenge the timing of the vote count, according to the Trump Deputy Dampaign Manager Justin Clark:

‘There have been no reports of fraud or any type of ballot concerns out of Pennsylvania. The state had 3.1 million mail-in ballots that take time to count and an order allows them to be counted up until Friday if they are postmarked by Nov. 3.’

In addition, Trump is calling for a Wisconsin recount, according to The Associated Press (AP). Campaign manager Bill Stepien cited “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties.”

Lonnie Scott, Executive Director of the liberal advocacy group Progress Michigan noted that Trump only filed the lawsuit to halt the AP and other media from declaring a Briden win.

Former State Democratic Chair Mark Brewer observed the Detroit vote count as a volunteer attorney and said:

‘This is the best absentee ballot counting operation that Detroit has ever had. They are counting ballots very efficiently, despite the obstructing tactics of the Republicans.’

Trump told the people at the White House:

‘We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court — we want all voting to stop.’

Biden Campaign Manager Jen O’Malley Dillon released a statement. In it, she called the president’s statement “outrageous, unprecedented, and incorrect:”

‘If the president makes good on his threat to go to court to try to prevent the proper tabulation of votes, we have legal teams standing by ready to deploy to resist that effort. And they will prevail.’

Election law expert Richard Hasen wrote in The Slate on Sunday:

‘[T]here has never been any basis to claim that a ballot arriving on time cannot be counted if officials cannot finish their count on election night.’

Ohio State University Election Law Professor Edward Foley tweeted on Wednesday:

‘The valid votes will be counted. SCOTUS would be involved only if there were votes of questionable validity that would make a difference, which might not be the case. The rule of law will determine the official winner of the popular vote in each state. Let the rule of law work.’

Foley concluded:

‘This is a Hail Mary.’

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