Trump’s Behind The Scenes Temper-Tantrum To Biden Surge Leaked To Media


Donald Trump warned us that he did not “do well” with losing. We thought that he was foreshadowing a presidential loss. But it was a whole lot more. Has anyone ever seen a 74-year-old throw a temper tantrum?

CNN’s Jamie Gangel’s GOP sources in the White House told her that the president saw the early-night election results and went crazy. When POTUS saw that his presidency was making a break for it, he went into a rage. Trump could not believe that Joe Biden was winning Michigan as the “traditionally blue counties reported their totals:”‘

‘A senior official who is normally an ally of the president said that Trump had a temper tantrum last night. That he saw that the numbers could start going against him, that he wanted to declare victory while he thought that he was ahead.’

Gangel said her Republican sources were sending her messages that they were entirely put off by the president’s behavior:

‘The Republicans I spoke to this morning are not happy with him. Let me read three quotes from three different officials: The first person said, “He is behaving as expected, badly.” The second person said that “Trump is afraid of mail-in ballots” and the third person said that what he said last night was, quote, “indefensible.”‘

Psych Central’s blog addressed adults who still have temper tantrums:

‘With maturity, adults typically move in a direction of developing socially appropriate methods to express anger. Adults are encouraged to verbally express how they feel, instead of acting out in a manner that is hurtful or disruptive to others.’

What about in “extreme cases,” such as Trump’s? The response was not comforting:

‘In extreme cases, their thoughts become so irrational that their ability to utilize logic and reasoning stops and they are only operating from an emotion-based perspective. Afterward, the person will have little to no recollection about how they had been behaving and as a result, feel little need to offer an apology for their behavior.’

Check out the temper tantrum video below:

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