Pelosi Emasculates Trump During Friday Press Conference Take-Down


President Donald Trump has so far refused to concede to the reality of his potentially impending exit from the White House. He has lied about the ballot-counting process and alleged, with no evidence to actually back him up, that local authorities have been conspiring against him and including fraudulent or otherwise invalid votes in tallies. At a Friday press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tamped down this nonsense from the president. She expressed confidence that Biden will win the White House. Her comments came after one prominent source, Decision Desk HQ, called the race for Biden. Decision Desk HQ is an independent group that has worked with Buzzfeed and Vox.

Of course, all valid votes have already been cast, so if the assumption is that Biden will maintain firm leads in official tallies as counting goes on, then he has those firm leads now — they just haven’t been uncovered yet. Pelosi confidently commented as follows:

‘I am so officially pleased with the outcome that is imminent and also personally delighted because of the quality and caliber of leadership that Joe Biden will provide. This morning, it is clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House. His election is historic, propelled by the biggest vote ever in the history of our country… President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead, and he’ll have a strong Democratic House with him, and many Democrats in the Senate.’

Pelosi also discussed House election results across the country. The Democratic majority in the House seems to have thinned this time around, but Pelosi maintained her resolve. As she put it:

‘This has been a life or death fight for the fate of our democracy, as [Biden] says, the soul of our country. We did not win every battle in the House, but we did win the war.’

Check out Pelosi’s comments below:

Democratic chances of taking the Senate also thinned, but there’s definitely still a chance of Democratic control of the upper Congressional chamber. Joe Biden led in Georgia as of the time of Pelosi’s remarks, and he seemed likely to carry the state as counting wrapped up — and the state has two Senate run-off elections slated for January. Winning both would likely leave the chamber 50-50, and the vice president — who would be Kamala Harris with a Biden win — is tasked with breaking Senate ties.

Pelosi also discussed the Trump administration’s ongoing failure to meaningfully confront the Coronavirus, a failure which seems like it’ll be one of the administration’s last major hallmarks. She criticized a Trump administration plan to make certain public health regulations automatically expire unless actively extended.

As the House Speaker said:

‘Sadly, instead of crushing the virus, it appears that the Trump administration will use its final moments in office in a desperate last step to destroy every possible protection for American health and well-being. So many have said to me… what damage do you think that Trump will do between losing the election and the inauguration of Joe Biden?’

As she explained, the Trump administration’s potential pre-inauguration damage could impact the nation’s public health. Watch Pelosi’s comments below: