Trump Humiliated By Protestors During Sunday Golf Outing


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the next president and vice president of the United States — but Donald Trump has yet to accept this fact. He has outright claimed that he won the election, despite the abundant evidence otherwise. He and his allies have pointed to changing vote tallies as evidence for their claims of a conspiracy to steal the election, but these tallies have been changing because… votes have been getting counted, as happens after every election. Amidst his just about never-ending meltdown, Trump went to the golf course on Sunday (again) — and at his course, pro-Biden demonstrators were there to meet him.

One of the demonstrators outside of Trump’s golf course on Sunday was holding a sign with the message “Orange Crushed.” Another sign read “Trumpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall,” according to a White House pool reporter on the scene. Media networks had called the presidential race for Biden the previous day — while Trump was out on the golf course. Protesters appeared outside of Trump’s golf course on Saturday as well. Check out an image of the Sunday demonstrators below:

The demonstrators outside of the president’s golf club were hardly alone over the weekend. After major media outlets called the race for Biden and Harris, exuberant demonstrations broke out across the country, as if a dictator had been toppled. Cities from New York City to Miami to Philadelphia joined in — and there were even celebratory fireworks in the U.K. Large crowds also gathered to celebrate in the streets of D.C., where they hung out for hours after the presidential race was called. During his trip back to the White House following his Saturday morning golf trip, Trump personally saw the celebratory crowds in D.C.

Check out footage from around the country of some of the Biden victory celebrations below:

Notably, despite Trump’s refusal to concede the election, world leaders are already moving on. Leaders from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to German Prime Minister Angela Merkel to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — the latter of whom is a known Trump ally — have all spoken out to offer a warm welcome to the incoming Biden-Harris administration. Trump and his allies have promised lawsuits challenging the election results, but they have yet to produce any evidence of the kind of widespread election fraud that they have alleged. The evidence just is not there.