Ivana Trump Trolls Donald Over Embarrassing Election Loss


Ivana Trump — an ex-wife of President Donald Trump — doesn’t sound particularly impressed with her ex-husband’s behavior following his recent loss in the presidential election. In a conversation with People magazine, Ivana said that she just wants “this whole thing to be over with, one way or the other,” and she observed that her ex-husband, Donald, is “not a good loser.” That might be an understatement — in the wake of Donald’s loss to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the (soon-to-be former) president has alleged the existence of a massive scheme to steal the election from him via including fraudulent votes. There’s no meaningful evidence for his claims.

Meanwhile, Ivana commented, in part, as follows:

‘[Donald’s] not a good loser. He doesn’t like to lose, so he’s going to fight and fight and fight… I don’t think he has a choice. He’s going to go down to Palm Beach and play golf and live the normal life, I think. This is the best choice for what he can do. He has to go and declare that he lost. But he hates to be a loser, that I’m sure of. But if he loses, he loses. He has plenty of money, places to go and live in and enjoy his life.’

Donald doesn’t sound like he’s going to be willing to concede the election any time soon, although his potentially indefinite refusal to concede has no legal weight. Even if he refuses to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden next January, he will still have to leave the White House, whether he accepts the election results or not. Considering the fever pitch of the false claims of fraud from the president and his allies, he seems likely to stick to deceptively ranting about the presidential election results for awhile.

Ivana Trump is the mother of Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. Alongside her own husband Jared Kushner, Ivanka has worked in the White House, and more informally, all three of these Trumps have been highly visible parts of their father’s political efforts. On the plus side, Trump leaving the White House means that the spectacularly incompetent Jared Kushner won’t be in charge of critical government tasks anymore.

Discussing her kids, Ivana shared:

‘I just want them to be able to live their normal lives — normal lives. Not the Washington life and all that, just in New York or wherever they’re going to be and just live their normal lives. I think they enjoyed being around Donald and running the election and seeing what will happen, but now it is — thank god — over. I’m not really sure what they are going to be up to.’

The Trumps could stay visibly active in politics for awhile. The GOP will have to run a presidential candidate in 2024, after all, and in the meantime, there are plenty of House races, Senate races, and public image fights to deal with. All of Trump’s most politically-involved adult children — including Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka — have been vocally active in their father’s complaints against the election results, so they could be around in politics for awhile.