Trump Lawyers Screw-Up Basic Paperwork For 1st Court Case


The Trump team’s latest round of legal actions isn’t off to a great start. Based on a letter posted by voting rights lawyer Marc Elias, who has been helping lead the fight against Republican voter suppression efforts in courts around the country, the Trump campaign’s legal team appears to have majorly bungled the paperwork for an appeal that they filed in Michigan. In Michigan, the Trump campaign recently sued in an attempt to get ballot-counting stopped until they got the increased level of ballot-counting observation access that they wanted, and Judge Cynthia Stephens denied the request, upholding ballot-counting. The Trump team’s bungled appeal paperwork appears to be in this case.

According to the letter that Marc Elias posted, the Trump campaign failed to include “a copy of the judgment or order appealed from” with their appeal, and they also, among other failures, failed to include “a copy of the register of actions,” the letter says. In other words, Trump’s legal team appears to have failed to include very basic information in the initial filing of their appeal — like a copy of what on earth it is that they were actually appealing. Is the Trump campaign even trying at this point? Many if not most of their election-related lawsuits haven’t had much of a foundation to begin with, but failing to appropriately file basic paperwork is a stunning level of incompetence.

Check out the letter below:

The Trump administration’s legal claims in Michigan, like elsewhere, have been based on belligerent nonsense. The Detroit News reports that, according to Assistant Attorney General Heather Meingast, the Trump campaign didn’t even “name a single absentee counting board preventing access to poll challengers” in their initial court filing, despite their broad claims of a lack of access for Republican observers. Vague claims don’t win cases! During an in-person hearing last week, Trump campaign lawyer Thor Hearne clarified, claiming that Republican challenger Eric Ostergren had been denied access to ballot-counting in Oakland County. Hearne did not explain when or why this alleged denial of access took place. Meanwhile, Judge Stephens concluded that the Trump campaign’s request seemed possibly moot to begin with, since ballot-counting in Michigan has already been largely completed.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he won the election, but he has not. He and some of his allies have pointed to changing vote tallies as supposed evidence of the conspiracy that they claim has targeted them, but vote tallies have been changing because valid votes have been getting counted. This concept is not complicated.