Law Firm Abandons Sinking Trump Ship Over Frivolous Voter Litigation


Attorneys representing Donald Trump’s frivolous voter-ballot lawsuits will lose part of their good reputation during ridiculous lawsuits begging for recounts to obtain 100 votes here and 280 votes there. The judges will not be happy and can cite them. Knowing this, Snell & Wilmer law firm withdrew from representing the Trump campaign.

The largest firm to represent the Trump campaign went to Associate Presiding Civil Judge Daniel Kiley. He allowed Snell & Wilmer’s to withdraw as counsel of record for the Republican National Committee. The RNC had joined the Trump campaign and the Arizona Republican Party in the lawsuits. This case alleged Maricopa County was involved in voter fraud. Snell & Wilmer knew this was a frivolous lawsuit according to Westlaw.

The firm consulted with the RNC, the National Congressional Committee, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee and also provided legal services from January 2019 and September 2020 earning $770,000 for their efforts.

Snell & Wilmer partners Brett Johnson and Eric Spencer began the withdrawal process on Sunday, just one day after it filed their last case. The two other major law firms that have represented the Trump campaign in election litigation have not had an easy time of it:

‘Jones Day and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, have faced an onslaught of online criticism this week from critics who say the cases erode confidence in the democratic process, sparked by a Monday New York Times story focused on the firms’ roles.’

Porter Wright also had to defend its political legal work, too. It released a statement indicating that it had represented Democratic campaigns, too:

‘[Porter Wright will represent] Trump campaign’s post-election litigation claims. Porter Wright has about 210 lawyers listed on its website.’

Ohio State election law professor Ned Foley told MSNBC:

‘You can’t go to court just because you don’t like the vote totals. You have to have a legal claim, and you have to have evidence to back it up. And that’s just not there.’

‘Jones Day has about 2,500 lawyers. Snell & Wilmer, a Phoenix-based firm with about 440 lawyers spread across the western United States and Washington, D.C., was working on the Arizona case alongside Phoenix political law firm Statecraft. That firm, which declined to comment, is still representing the Republican challengers.’

The Arizona Secretary of State released a statement describing the case as simply “grasping at straws.” There will be an evidentiary hearing on Thursday. This time, the plaintiffs will be seeking a “manual review of purportedly overvoted ballots that were cast in-person.” They are also requesting that a judge bar Biden’s state certification process.

Snell & Wilmer will assist:

‘[In the] Arizona Republican Party’s long-running defense of a state law that prohibits absentee ballot collection by third parties and the counting of ballots cast at the wrong polling precinct.’

That case, first filed in 2016, is pending before the US Supreme Court (SOTUS). Snell & Wilmer’s co-counsel in the case was Jones Day. Chair Matthew Feeney said the firm does not comment on its client work.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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