Scotland Puts Trump Under Investigation Over Shady Cash Infusion


In Scotland, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been charged with investigating Donald Trump’s finances by an opposition MSP leader just days after he lost his race against President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. The question is how did POTUS come up with the money to finance the Turnberry resort in Ayrshire?

According to The Mother Jones,

‘[T]he historic golf resort, an hour south of Glasgow, that Trump purchased in 2014 for $60 million. His large expenditures in Scotland were notable because they came during a rocky financial stretch for Trump. The year before purchasing the Aberdeenshire estate, he was ousted as CEO of his thrice-bankrupted casino business; in 2008, he defaulted on a large Deutsche Bank loan tied to a development in Chicago.’

This is the place where the American president directed our military to refuel, thus, keeping a small airport open. This would be the one necessary for guests to come into to stay at Turnberry.

Donald Trump’s financial dealings should be probed now he’s heading out of the White House, the Scottish Green Party claimed today. His mother immigrated from Scotland when she was a young woman.

The Scottish Green Party waited until Trump is leaving office, which was generous of them, unless they knew he could not be prosecuted here while in office per his Attorney General William Barr. Whether or not, he could have been prosecuted in Scotland is another question.

Trump tried to low-ball a man and his 96-year-old mother to get their land via eminent domain. They refused to sell to him for “a cut-price figure” as a documentary showed, The People Magazine wrote.

Patrick Harvie is the Green Party’s leader, and he indicated that this is the perfect time to examine how the president came up with the funds to buy the resort, along with other “dealings in Scotland.” The president has a golf course in Aberdeenshire, where he dug in for a “long and controversial battle to overturn environmental protection on the coast.”

Although Sturgeon clearly is not fond of Trump, she said a decision such as a legal probe would more appropriately be generated by “the Crown Office, not the Scottish Government.”

Golf was supposedly invented in the High Middle Ages in Scotland adding mystique and status to the resorts. Sturgeon said:

‘I think everybody is well aware about my views of the soon-to-be former president of the United States, and my views are probably no different to Patrick Harvie’s and many people across Scotland. Any idea I would somehow try to protect him from due accountability in Scotland, I don’t think holds much water.’

‘In terms of unexplained wealth orders, Patrick Harvie and I have had these exchanges before in this chamber. Decisions around that are not for ministers, they are for the Crown Office. On matters like this the Crown Office operates independently of Scottish ministers and I think that is right and proper.’

Partrick Harvie has not been a fan of Trump for a long time. He said:

‘I called for the Scottish Government to seek an unexplained wealth order into Donald Trump’s purchase of Turnberry in February. Since then, concerns about his business activities in the states have grown.’

Harvie indicated that the American president would be losing his federal immunity in the United States and argued for an immediate investigation:

‘Now that Trump is set to lose immunity from prosecution in the US, he may finally be held to account there. It is surely time that he is also held to account here. Surely, it’s time for answers from the Trump Organisation, and time for the Scottish Government to finally go to court and seek those answers?’

Trump received over one million dollars in taxpayer money from a Scottish government coronavirus relief program, according to the smaller country’s government officials. It is provided to assist Scotland’s tourism and leisure industries decimated by the pandemic’s effect on those businesses, according to NBC News.

Turnberry includes a 45-hole golf course located on the “windy west coast” of Scotland. His other smaller course and hotel, Trump International Scotland, is located north of Aberdeenshire.

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