Hillary & Bill’s House Swarmed By MAGA Chanting Into Megaphones


Late Sunday afternoon, Chelsea Clinton — the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton — reported on Twitter that Trump supporters had gathered outside of her parents’ home and begun chanting “lock her up!” through a megaphone. The “lock her up!” chant is a staple of Trump rallies, even years after Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton — who the chant originally targeted — in the 2016 presidential election. The chant aptly symbolizes the villainization of political opponents that Trump has consistently maintained as a key part of his political platform.

On Sunday evening, Chelsea Clinton shared the following message:

‘There are Trump supporters outside my parents’ house shouting through megaphones “Lock Her Up,” and I just keep thinking, I hope they’re wearing masks and some day get over 2016.’

In the time since 2016, Trump supporters have adapted the “lock her up!” chant to various contexts. For example, Trump rally-goers have chanted “lock her up!” targeting Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), who was a target of a recent kidnapping plot that the FBI foiled. This plot didn’t lead to Trump tempering his harsh antagonism of Whitmer, who has faced frenzied criticism from many right-wingers for taking strict steps to attempt to thwart the spread of COVID-19 in her state. At one point, armed demonstrators even stormed the Michigan state capitol building. Trump referred to these armed demonstrators as “very good people,” adding that Whitmer should attempt to “make a deal” with them.

The demonstration outside of Hillary’s home on Sunday came the day after a planned large event in D.C. that was billed, at least in part, as the “Million MAGA March,” where many of the president’s supporters gathered to air their grievances and express their support for the president’s lie that the recently concluded presidential election, which he lost, was somehow rigged against him. The Department of Homeland Security itself has confirmed that no major security breaches plagued this year’s presidential election. Nevertheless, Trump has attracted the support of people like the violent far-right hate group known as the Proud Boys and far-right agitator Alex Jones — who were in D.C. on the occasion of the Million MAGA March over the weekend.