Jim Jordan’s Sunday TV Appearance Becomes PR Disaster


President Donald Trump and his allies — including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) — continue to push the lie that there’s evidence warranting serious concern about the systematic integrity of the recent presidential election. In reality, the Department of Homeland Security itself has characterized the recent election as the “most secure in American history” — a description that doesn’t exactly leave much room for debate, to say the least. With their continued insistence that there’s some kind of huge problem, Trump’s unhinged troupe of allies keep implying, laughably enough, that they know better than the Department of Homeland Security.

During a Sunday morning appearance on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures, Rep. Jordan insisted that “so many Americans, 73 million, have concerns about what took place in the presidential election,” and thus, “it’s important that we get to the bottom of what happened in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia — all these key swing states.” Trump got a little over 73 million votes overall, but it’s definitely unclear that every single one of his supporters believes his lies about the election. More broadly — the idea that elections are some kind of free-for-all in localities across the country is just false. Election authorities have many, many safeguards already in place.

While ranting on Fox, Jordan added the following:

‘Let this play out — remember, the Democrats spent four years on the Russian hoax. It seems to me we can spend four weeks on getting to the bottom of this election, where so many Americans have concerns about what took place and what happened. So let the process play out… and ask the key questions…. one of the key questions you always ask is the why question: why did certain things happen?’

Again — suggesting that “getting to the bottom of this election” in the sense of ensuring basic election security is some kind of uniquely Republican concern is false. Election authorities always ensure the security of the election across the United States. Trump and top allies have said that local officials could have conspired against him, which there’s zero evidence for — and in fact, there’s plenty of evidence of the opposite. The security of the election has been well-documented — as has the fact that in some states, authorities had to wait to count mail-in ballots, which have themselves been well-documented to lean Democratic because of Republican hostility towards mail-in voting.

Jordan acted like the temporary delay in counting mail-in ballots and the Democratic tilt of these ballots are mysteries. He said:

‘On Election Night, it seemed like every state that kept counting, President Trump won, but all the states that halted counting for awhile, he would up losing. Why did that happen? And then maybe the most important question — why don’t Joe Biden and the Democrats want to find out? Why did they keep observers out from seeing what was going on in these counts?’

Republican observers have not been systematically excluded from the ballot tabulation process, and no, Democrats have not been opposing election security measures that are actually meaningful.

Watch Jordan’s comments below: