Israeli PM Netanyahu Snubs Trump & Calls President-Elect Biden


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a right-winger, has been an ally of Donald Trump while the outgoing president has been in the White House — and he’s also been one of the many world leaders to acknowledge and accept President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the recent U.S. presidential election. Trump, on the other hand, has adamantly refused to accept the results of the election, claiming (without any meaningful evidence) that widespread fraud plagued the electoral process. Nevertheless, on Tuesday, Netanyahu spoke with President-elect Biden over the phone. Apparently, Netanyahu and Biden “agreed to meet soon,” the Prime Minister’s office said.

In short: the world is readily moving on without Trump, no matter whether or not he ever accepts the results of the recent election that he conclusively and unequivocally lost to Biden. A readout following the Biden-Netanyahu call that the Israeli Prime Minister’s office released reads as follows:

‘Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke this evening with US President-elect [Joe Biden]. In a warm conversation, the President-elect reiterated his deep commitment to the State of Israel and its security. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the special bond between Israel and the US is a fundamental component of Israel’s security and its policy. The two agreed to meet soon in order to discuss the many issues on the agenda and reiterated the need to continue bolstering the steadfast alliance between the US and Israel.’

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President-elect Biden has also spoken with world leaders including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. While recently discussing his interactions with Biden on the floor of the British Parliament, Johnson sounded optimistic about the prospects for U.K.-U.S. relations with Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in charge. Johnson called his recent conversation with Biden “refreshing” — which seemed to implicitly contrast Biden’s behavior with the self-serving belligerence of the Trump administration.

While in office, Trump has derided longtime allies of the United States. He has withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, dropped the country’s involvement in the Iran nuclear deal, and harassed NATO, among other steps undercutting the long-established alliances that preceded him. Biden has pledged to re-join the Paris climate accord, which contains a set of agreements for the fight against climate change.