Ohio Secretary Of State Embarrasses Trump Over Phony Challenges


Donald Trump’s extended tantrum over losing the presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden has gone on far too long. The question is why will Republicans in Congress not nudge him out of the nest? After all, the president is damaging the country.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said that the GOP must quit disputing the results and move on. Politicizing the election process will cause Americans to doubt whether their government will still function. Donald Trump has filed a slew of lawsuits, which have been laughed out of court, including the latest one in Ohio Tuesday at noon.

LaRose and some other Republicans said Trump certainly had the right to take his case to court. But he needs to hurry in order for an orderly transition into the next presidential chapter to begin. LaRose spoke to cleveland.com reporters and editors on Monday.

He said he believes Biden won the election, based on currently available evidence:

‘I certainly have faith in Ohio’s elections, and I believe that other states… almost all, I think all the other states do it very well also. All I’m saying is there’s a reason why there’s an opportunity to present evidence in a courtroom, and if you have that evidence you have to bring it forward and vet it out.’

LaRose continued, saying moving on can “even be cathartic:”

‘Maybe it can even be cathartic for people to see it play out, but it has to happen quickly. That’s my point. If anybody believes that there’s something out the, they need to show evidence. Otherwise, making claims without any basis or evidence behind it is problematic.’

LaRose compared Trump’s erroneous election claims to the Democrats’ claims in 2018 when the Republicans took Georgia. Brian Kemp was the state’s secretary of state before moving into the governor’s mansion. He was responsible for the integrity of his own election and purged “tens of thousands of inactive voters” from the voting rolls. Democrats claimed voter suppression.

The Ohio secretary of state said:

‘Here’s the thing that worries me. We’ve gone down the path of constantly challenging the elections when we don’t like the results. I think it was irresponsible when members of the Democratic Party claimed the Georgia election was stolen and didn’t have evidence, and I think it’s irresponsible when Republicans say an election was stolen and don’t have evidence. If anyone has evidence they need to show it.’

LaRose is a member of a group of secretaries of state. He said that these officials are nonpartisan:

‘One of the things I love about this work is it’s completely nonpartisan. The vast majority of the other secretaries of state take the same approach. What we do here is about protecting the foundation of our democracy.’

Last week, LaRose posted a tweet about how the Ohio voting machines are not tampered with, because they are self-contained. They are not connected to the Internet:

‘Nobody’s that good, that they could pull off something like that without leaving some sort of bread trail. And if someone did get engaged in something like that, as highly unlikely as that is, there’s evidence of it, and that needs to be shown. I don’t think that kind of thing can happen with the safeguards that exist.’

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