GOP Texas A.G Put Under FBI Investigation For Multiple Felonies


Now that the Democrats have voted in the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket, retain the House, and may win the Senate, law and order has come to town. Donald Trump was an errant model riding on a wave of treachery. Over the four years that he was in office, numerous Republicans have indulged in various forms of treachery and a betrayal of their oaths of office.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Texas’ Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Associated Press (AP). reported. It started an investigation into allegations by eight of the AG’s former top aides that the AG used his office, which employees 4,000, to advantage a political donor.

The “high-profile Republican” allegedly committed “bribery, abuse of office, and other crimes.” These offenses were committed in the act of helping a donor to his own reelection campaign, Austin real estate developer and AG friend Nate Paul. He donated $25,000 to Paxton’s campaign.

Seven top attorneys in Paxton’s office plus the attorney general’s head of law enforcement made the charges. Especially egregious was Paxton hiring an attorney not affiliated with the AG’s office to investigate an FBI search of his friend’s home and offices.

Ever since the people in Paxton’s office alleged his crimes, they have either “resigned, been put on leave, or been fired.” Four of them filed a Texas whistleblower lawsuit against the attorney general. They accused him of terminating them as an act of retribution.

In a deposition, the donor said Paxton had also suggested he hire a woman for a job within his company. In 2018, the attorney general acknowledged that he was having an “extramarital affair” with her.

The attorney general released a statement to the Austin American-Stateman that read:

‘[A]fter reviewing the claims made by former employees of this office, their allegations are overblown, based upon assumptions, and to a large degree misrepresent the facts.’

The case has been deadlocked for over five years following legal challenges. Paxton insists that he is innocent of charges and an indictment regarding securities fraud charges. The AG has not stood trial as of yet. He also refused calls for his resignation. Hilder had no comment for AP reporters. The Texas attorney general’s office did not respond either.

According to The Texas Tribune:

‘[Paxton] has dismissed the charges as politically motivated and entered a not guilty plea.’

The whistleblowers claim that Paxton also tried to assist Paul regarding a pair of open-records disputes. Those records should have remained confidential:

‘The attorney general’s office] also took the highly unusual step of intervening in a lawsuit between Paul and an Austin-area charity.’

In addition, the AG was accused of another Paul assist:

‘The attorney general rushed a legal opinion on foreclosure sales during the coronavirus pandemic, which helped Paul avoid such sales on several of his properties.’

Top GOP officials said that they were troubled.

The federal agents have not revealed the status of the case against Paxton. An FBI spokesperson in San Antonio had no comment.

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