Fox News Reporter Shames Giuliani Over Idiotic Press Conference


On Thursday, the Trump team — led by Rudy Giuliani — held a press conference at which they tried to establish a meaningful foundation for their claims that nationwide fraud plagued the recent presidential election, but they totally failed in this effort, by any reasonable estimation. Giuliani claimed that a nationwide Democratic conspiracy to commit election fraud and swing the election to Biden had unfolded — but the meaningful evidence for this claim just isn’t there. Following Giuliani’s unhinged press conference performance, Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher offered a blunt live fact-check, repudiating his remarks.

Fisher said, in part, as follows:

‘That was certainly a colorful news conference from Rudy Giuliani, but it was light on facts. So much of what he said was simply not true, or has already been thrown out in court. Giuliani opened by making this really bold and baseless claim that a lot of this alleged nationwide voter fraud that he’s referring to all came from one centralized place. He called it a nationwide conspiracy — and yet, he failed to provide any hard evidence to back up that one specific claim — especially when you’re dealing with a claim that really cuts to the core of our democratic process.’

Watch Fisher’s comments below:

Fisher also noted that Giuliani’s perspective seems to contradict what he’s said in court. He recently joined the Trump campaign’s legal team in a Pennsylvania court case in which the president’s side alleges that authorities in the state handled the election improperly — but Giuliani admitted during proceedings in that case earlier this week that the court fight was “not a fraud case.” (Another Trump-allied lawyer, Kory Langhofer, made a similar admission in a recent court fight in Arizona.) Yet, Giuliani has continued to allege — in public, when he’s not under oath — that outright fraud plagued the election across the country. They’re presenting smoke and mirrors.

The Trump team is getting basic facts wrong amidst this fight against the election results. Giuliani claimed at the Thursday press conference that election results in Wayne County, Michigan, had been decertified, but this claim is not correct. Two Republican members of the county’s canvassing board did say that they wanted to rescind their votes in favor of certifying the results — but now that they’ve already cast their votes to certify the results and the deadline has past, there’s no legal mechanism by which they can conclusively rescind their earlier vote for certifying the results. Why should observers take the Trump team seriously if they can’t get basic situational facts straight?