Protesters Surprise Trump At The Golf Course To Troll His Weekend


No matter his consistent claims that he actually won the recent presidential election that he decisively lost, Donald Trump still seems markedly disinterested in the actual job requirements of the presidency. He’s taken a long break from taking questions from reporters, and this Saturday, he went golfing, again. He went to his own company’s golf course in Virginia (incurring government expenses along the way), and when he arrived at the golf club, a reporter who was on the scene says that protesters were waiting.

According to this reporter — Douglas Christian — one of the protesters held a sign with the message: “Face it you’re Toast,” and Trump’s face was depicted on the toast. Protesters have consistently appeared outside of Trump’s Virginia golf course when the president has visited. In one particularly memorable display, a protester dressed as the Grim Reaper held a sign displaying the then-total number of Americans who had died due to COVID-19, a crisis that Trump has consistently tried to push to the side. Trump’s ignorance, however, doesn’t make the crisis vanish — on Friday, the U.S. reported almost 2,000 new COVID-19 deaths.

Going forward, Trump’s challenges to the election results have no meaningful chance of success. Bombastic claims like the ones that Trump and his allies have presented need evidence in order to stand up in court, and this evidence remains conspicuously absent. There’s zero meaningful evidence of some kind of nationwide conspiracy to swing the election to Biden. President-elect Joe Biden won the election — period, and early next year, he will be inaugurated.

Taking Trump’s claims of fraud totally, completely seriously requires a staggering level of conspiratorial thinking. The nationwide fraud scheme that Trump alleges plagued the election could have possibly required the cooperation of: frontline election workers, local canvassing boards, state canvassing boards, Secretary of State offices, Supervisor of Elections offices, judges handling election-related cases, and more. Top Trump ally Rudy Giuliani has made this outrageous element of the Trump team’s allegations clear, claiming that a centrally planned Democratic conspiracy underpinned supposed nationwide election fraud. There’s zero meaningful evidence for this claim.