Trump Poll Watchers Sabotage Wisconsin Recount Like Maniacs


Donald Trump has made so many ridiculous claims of voter fraud that his supporters are convinced that literally everything is suspicious, which was proven today in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, where Trump’s poll watchers objected to nearly every vote cast for so many reasons, it was difficult for counters to keep track.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel provided live updates throughout the day on the recount proceedings, and the news was alarming and frustrating. Joe Biden won Wisconsin quite decisively in an election that wasn’t all that close, but a recount is underway at the request of the the president. That is, it was underway until Trump’s poll watchers began objecting to nearly everything, including ballots from entire districts or mail-in ballots that were folded to fit in their envelopes (all of the mail-in ballots had to be folded to fit in their envelopes.

‘The second day of the recount in Milwaukee County got off to a rough start Saturday morning, with observers representing President Donald Trump’s campaign objecting to thousands of absentee ballots and their envelopes.

‘Trump campaign attorneys Joe Voiland and Stew Karge had demanded that the count “stop immediately” not long after it started, saying that “hundreds or thousands” of ballots and envelopes that observers had objected to were not set aside by workers.

‘Objections raised by Trump campaign observers were triggered by a variety of reasons. One observer said they were objecting to all absentee ballots because they were folded, a Brown Deer election official said. Another Trump observer objected to ballots placed in too many piles by workers, a representative from Cudahy said.’

Another objection was raised about an absentee ballot cast by a hospitalized voter.

Objections to ballots doesn’t mean that those ballots won’t be counted, just that they will be set aside for review before being counted. At this point, however, Trump’s poll watchers want so many ballots reviewed that entire districts would have not a single vote actually counted.

‘In some cases, Trump campaign observers objected to broad groups of ballots and envelopes – including every absentee ballot envelope from Ward 5 in the City of Milwaukee and every ballot cast in Ward 1, said Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the city Election Commission.’

Vote counters say that the poll watchers have been so disruptive, asking questions and raising objections so often that the count is becoming impossible. Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson blamed a lack of training of observers by the Trump campaign.

‘It’s not our job to train their observers on what they’re observing. They clearly don’t know what they’re doing and so they keep asking questions. And we’ve said to the Trump campaign, you need to tell your people what you’re looking for here because they’re objecting to every ballot.’