Updated Batch Of 2020 Vote Totals Embarrass Trump & Sinking GOP


As of early Saturday afternoon, President-elect Joe Biden’s lead over Trump in the national popular vote stood at over 6 million. For comparison, in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by about 2.87 million votes. Thus, in terms of the raw vote totals, Biden’s current national lead is over twice as high as Hillary’s final national popular vote lead. In other words — the election results were rather decisive, and there’s no meaningful way around this fact. In raw number terms: as of Saturday afternoon, Biden won 79,835,585 votes across the country, while Trump won 73,800,506 votes, according to the Cook Political Report. Those numbers translate into 51 and 47.2 percent of the overall total, respectively — in other words, a true majority of participating voters cast this year’s ballots for Biden.

Overall, President-elect Biden has won five states that Trump won in 2016, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia — the last two of which hadn’t gone to a Democratic presidential nominee since the 1990s. As of Saturday afternoon, Biden’s lead in Michigan stood at over 150,000 votes — 155,629, to be exact, according to the Cook Political Report, which translates into an overall Biden lead of 2.8 percent. One of Biden’s thinnest leads was in Georgia, where in the final, certified results, he won by 12,670 votes, or about 0.3 percent. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, certified the state’s results on Friday after a hand recount.

Interestingly, Biden has, by all appearances, won the same number of electoral votes that Trump himself won back in 2016, making for a bit of poetic justice. In 2016, Trump won 306 electoral votes — and this time, Biden’s preliminary total stands at the exact same point, with Trump winning the same number of electoral votes that Hillary Clinton did back in 2016. None of Biden’s leads in key states are within margins that could be reasonably majorly affected by any recount, and no Trump court case has come anywhere at all meaningfully close to overturning enough of the recent election’s results to hand a win to Trump.

Trump has claimed that fraud plagued the election around the country, but he and his allies have not produced any meaningful evidence for their claims. The Department of Homeland Security itself recently said that the recent election was the “most secure in American history” — and Trump subsequently fired one of the officials, Chris Krebs, who was responsible for the statement.