100 Powerful CEOs Turn On Trump & Demand He Accept Election Results


Money talks in this political world. Perhaps, the top 100 business executives in the U.S. are the most able to wield their power and dislodge the Republicans’ stranglehold on the presidency. New York Attorney General Letitia James urged the New York business leaders to pry the presidency away from Donald Trump, and that just might work.

Trump’s soft coup is hurting America, according to over 100 CEO’s. They intend to ask Trump to acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden (D) and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (D-CA) won. They want to get the transition of power off of stall.

So, what can they do? The executives can withhold campaign donations from the remaining two Republican Senate candidates in Georgia as a way to leverage Biden’s installation. This race will determine whether the Democrats or the Republicans retain the Senate.

Business leaders have demanded the head of the General Services Administration Emily Murphy write a letter of ascertainment. It wrote that Biden and Harris won the election. Murphy has resisted doing so as of yet. Once she does her job, according to the law, the government spigot of resources and money will flood open to Biden.

The executives sent The New York Times a draft of their letter, which read:

‘Every day that an orderly presidential transition process is delayed, our democracy grows weaker in the eyes of our own citizens and the nation’s stature on the global stage is diminished. Withholding resources and vital information from an incoming administration puts the public and economic health and security of America at risk.’

Chief Executive of the Partnership for New York City Kathryn Wyld was part of the call with James and the executives. She spoke about James:

‘She said they asked her to reach out to the New York business community.’

James released a statement Sunday night. It read:

‘This isn’t about partisan politics, but about protecting our democracy. Without the rule of law and an orderly transfer of power, everything from commerce to health care delivery to national security is in peril, and our business leaders can see that as clearly as the rest of us.’

Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone, is a strong Trump supporter refused to sign the letter. He did release a statement, though:

‘[T[he outcome is very certain today and the country should move on. I supported President Trump and the strong economic path he built. Like many in the business community, I am now ready to help President-elect Biden and his team as they confront the significant challenges of rebuilding our post-COVID economy.’

The U.S. leaders’ letter read:

‘We urge respect for the democratic process and unified support for our duly elected leadership. There is not a moment to waste in the battle against the pandemic and for the recovery and healing of our nation to begin.’

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