Nevada Supreme Court Issues Embarrassing Defeat To Trump


His stepfather was the only one out of 900 children in his Polish school to survive the Holocaust. President-elect Biden invited his top national security nominees to the stage for a brief introduction. What we notice first is how dedicated each member is to serving our great country. They consider it an honor. Nominee for Secretary of State Antony Blinken was speaking about his stepfather during his brief remarks. There was more to this amazing story.

The Nevada Supreme Court sealed the president-elect’s deal by approving Nevada’s final canvass of the November 3, 2020 election Tuesday. It handed Biden the six presidential electors he needed for a fail-safe win.

That was why Biden introduced his nominees. Blinken continued. with his story about his stepfather, according to The Axios:

‘At the end of the war, he made a break from a death march into the woods in Bavaria. From his hiding place, he heard a deep rumbling sound. It was a tank. But instead of the iron cross, he saw painted on its side a five pointed white star.’

‘He ran to the tank. The hatch opened. An African-American GI looked down at him. He got down on his knees and said the only three words he knew in English that his mother had taught him before the war, “God bless America.”‘

It was soon apparent this was the character of the people Biden chose to protect us. Many of the nominees had the second-in-command jobs, deputies to the jobs they now hold. That meant they known the full ins-and-outs of their jobs and can hit the ground running. Good. They have to make up for 16 days of Donald Trump’s pique before he would release the resources to Biden for his transition.

Seven nonpartisan justices sent Governor Steve Sisolak (D) their unanimous results, six electoral votes. The state’s GOP and the Trump campaign sued to keep Nevada from issuing vote-by-mail ballots to each of the 1.82 million registered voters, The Associated Press reported Then, the campaign sued to halt the counting process. A full 1.4 million people voted.

The six presidential electors will go to Nevada’s capitol in Carson City and bring their Democratic votes with them. Biden won decisively with 33,596 votes, according to Nevada’s 17 counties’ vote. In the totals, Biden received 50.06 percent of the votes to Trump’s 47.67 percent. Las Vegas is in Clark County, and Reno is located in Washoe County.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (R) has kept a low profile in these last weeks. She pointed out November’s election was Nevada’s first all-mail balloting. She indicated that this year “a record number of voters participated:”

‘The result was more of a hybrid model where voters had a choice of how to participate.’

Of Nevada’s 1.8 million-plus active registered voters, the turnout was an astonishing 77.3 percent. That count was calculated from mail-balloting, early voting, and in-person casting of votes on Election Day.

Max Stier, president and CEO of the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service, criticized the delay but said Biden’s team would be able to overcome it:

‘Unfortunately, every day lost to the delayed ascertainment was a missed opportunity for the outgoing administration to help President-elect Joe Biden prepare to meet our country’s greatest challenges. The good news is that the president-elect and his team are the most prepared and best equipped of any incoming administration in recent memory.’

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