Nevada Court Issues Another Embarrassing Defeat For GOP


Republicans seem quite adept at losing court cases. The fight against the election results that Donald Trump and his allies have waged in the aftermath of Election Day has quickly turned into a long list of failures. Now, Clark County District Court Judge Gloria Sturman has rejected a request from a failed Republican Congressional candidate for a new election. The candidate — Dan Rodimer — lost by almost 3 percent in his race against Rep. Susie Lee, a Democrat, and in his court case, he pinned his request for a revote to allegations of “misconduct by election officials, an inability to track mailed ballots and that the use of an optical scanning machine to validate voter signatures was improper,” according to the Associated Press.

Judge Sturman’s ruling against Rodimer emerged days after a similar ruling against another Republican Congressional candidate in Nevada, Jim Marchant, who also requested a new election. Marchant and Rodimer’s cases have been handled by the same lawyer: Craig Mueller, whose record doesn’t exactly seem great at this point, to say the least. In Marchant’s case, Judge Sturman “pointed to a 33,000-vote margin that Jim Marchant would have to make up to overtake U.S. Rep. Steven Horsford in the state’s most populous and Democratic-leaning county, and said she lacked jurisdiction to order do-overs in six other counties in the congressional district,” according to the Associated Press. That county in question is Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and has already been targeted by Trump allies.

At one point, prominent Trump ally Matt Schlapp held a press conference alongside fellow Trump ally Ric Grenell in Clark County, where he claimed that a so-called whistleblower had seen individuals opening ballots and refilling the envelopes with presumably fraudulent ballots in a van marked with Biden/ Harris signage in the vicinity of a counting center. There is absolutely zero meaningful evidence for this claim. It’s 2020 — where is the video? Where is the security footage? Where are the other eyewitnesses to this same apparently broad daylight event? Why would fraud perpetrators have used a Biden/ Harris van in plain sight?

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Trump keeps insisting that he won the election; he can not simply speak this scenario into existence. Claims along these lines need meaningful evidence that his team does not have.