Trump’s Election Fraud ‘Hearing’ Turns Into Embarrassing Disaster


Let’s be clear: Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, which means that Donald Trump lost, by 306 electoral college votes versus Trump’s 232. Nearly six million more Americans voted for Biden over Trump. The election is finished and President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 21, 2021. Those are the facts.

And Rudy Giuliani is spreading the fiction. He did so with support of the president as what was touted as a “hearing” on voter fraud, something the Trump legal team had to win. Instead, it was a meeting at a hotel with Republicans in the state senate who were treated to nothing more than a presentation on voter fraud, each case of which has been laughed out of courts in every swing state. President Trump decided to not even attend these hearings at the last minute.

Giuliani has now made up a new accusation, however. Apparently, Democrats cheated in Virginia, too.

‘I think we may have actually won Virginia, but that’s another battle.’

The proof of this, Giuliani said, was that the election was within one percent and a recount should already have been done. In fact, Pennsylvania went to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by five percent and went to Joe Biden in 2020 by more than 10 percent. Donald Trump has never won in the state of Virginia, and he didn’t win them over this year, either.

While Giuliani’s claims are bizarre, it is even more alarming that state lawmakers in the Republican Party would agree to attend such as event in order to be influenced on what to think and say about the elections. The White House shouldn’t be interfering in elections at all, and members of any state senate should already know that.