Republican Caught Leading Illegal Voter Fraud Scheme


The Republicans are losing their minds over the two upcoming Alabama Senate races, because they are desperate to win the Alabama Senate. It is a vital race that will rip the Senate out of Moscow Mitch McConnell’s greedy little hands, or it will remain with the do-nothing Republican Senate leaders. What is the problem?

In a word: Trump. The GOP wants his base voters, so the temporary president will go down to campaign for the Republican incumbents. However, POTUS has been on a tear ever since he lost the presidency by a substantial and ever-increasing number of votes. The Republicans are afraid that the man in the White House will campaign for his agenda — calling the Alabama election “a fraud.” Why should his people vote, when the whole thing is a sham?

One Florida man has an idea. He will temporarily move to Florida, and invited a million Floridians to go have a slumber party at his brother’s Georgia house before illegally voting, too. When caught, the guy said he was “joking.”

What is this “I’m kidding” business with people in Donald Trump’s orbit? Of course, the temporary president is the king of “I’m kidding.” Take his terrible suggestion to drink household disinfectant to kill the coronavirus. When POTUS was laughed at, he came up with his “Just kidding” bit. The Washington Post fact-checking reported on this odd phenomenon, calling it “insincere:”

‘Trump, the Tony Clifton (comedian Andy Kaufman character) of presidents, has proved equally adept at sustaining the put-on. He never breaks character. He never laughs at his own jokes (or anyone else’s, for that matter). ‘

The Florida attorney is under investigation for voting illegally in Alabama in the January 5 Senate runoff. He has a video telling people that he was moving to Georgia and staying with his brother. Not only that, he has invited two million to join him. It appears that there really is voter fraud after all.

Attorney Bill Price gave a speech to his local Bay County, Florida Republican Party members. That was where he explained what he was going to do to support their party, and then he posted the evidence of his crime on Facebook.

 He invited “each and every one of you to be my roommate in Georgia,” and “two million” more:

‘If we lose the Senate on Jan. 5 in Georgia, we will become Venezuela and I will invite each and every one of you to be my roommate in Georgia. I’m changing my voter registration right now, and I’m inviting two million people to be my roommate.’

Georgia’s office of Secretary of State Spokesperson Walter Jones said that registering with no intention of permanent residency is a felony:

‘Registering without the intention of permanent residency is a felony. Only permanent residents are eligible to vote in Georgia. Secretary Raffensperger has made it clear he has no tolerance for election wrongdoing and will investigate any credible evidence of it.’

Price continued the phone interview with Fox News:

‘It’s only for a couple months. We’ll have buses leaving right out here, going to Atlanta the day before Jan. 5 and I might need you guys to help me move back to Florida on Jan. 6.’

The state hopper said he had filled out the registration online. However, he was only doing so to “expose Democrats” trying to do the same. And the logic is where? He said he was “joking:”

‘I wanted to see how easy it was to do it. I’m not actually moving to Georgia. I was joking.’

In the video, Price gave out his brother’s Georgia address several times:

‘We have to start fighting back and we have to do whatever it takes. And if that means changing your address for the next two months, so be it. We’ll make room for you at the dinner table.’

Chair of the Board of Elections in Paulding County Deidre Holden, where Price tried to register, said:

‘An attorney should know better. This is fraud especially after his speech on Facebook.’

Alabama officials opened up the investigation on Price. They contacted Holden as part of it. She said:

‘I’m a Republican, but I just think it’s wrong when someone tries to vote illegally and then tell other people to do it.’

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