Trump Humiliated After Latest Fraud ‘Hearing’ Devolves Into Nonsense


On Thursday, the Trump team took their parade of lies to Georgia, where top Trump ally Rudy Giuliani and others participated in a so-called hearing covering supposed election fraud in the state. The so-called hearing mirrored gatherings that have taken place in other swing states, including Pennsylvania and Arizona, and like elsewhere, Trump’s allies at the Georgia hearing peddled ignorant and deceptive nonsense. For instance, Trump’s allies have alleged that video footage proves that ballot-counting unfolded in Fulton County without supervision — but the very video footage that they have presented shows an official observer onsite from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Reporter Stephen Fowler, who observed the Georgia “hearing” proceedings firsthand, reported that none of the witnesses were under oath while delivering their so-called testimonies. Trump’s allies have repeatedly raised bombastic claims of supposed systematic fraud — some of which simply have not emerged in actual court cases, perhaps due to the fact that lying to investigators is a crime. Besides the lack of meaningful truth underlying the entirety of Republican claims of systematic fraud, their case against the election is also a wreck — Fowler reported that Rudy Giuliani himself was “reading from an affidavit that doesn’t even get the name of Georgia’s voting vendor right.” That same affidavit also “misunderstands how absentee votes are counted and recorded,” Fowler added.

Why should observers take the Trump team seriously if they can’t even get very basic facts right? As Fowler summarized, the so-called hearing in Georgia on Thursday hinged on “speculation from people who can’t even get basic facts about Georgia elections correct, masquerading as facts, given credence by elected officials in Georgia.”

Evidently, the Trump campaign did not even seriously bother to look into the identities of the people in the scrutinized video that emerged of ballot-counting in Fulton County. If they’d done so, then they could have discovered that one of the people right there in the video is an official observer from the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican. Trump allies zeroed in on an allegation that footage shows workers removing ballots from “suitcases” that had been stored under a table after partisan observers left… but where else were the election workers supposed to store the ballots they were counting? On shelves in the other room? On their heads?

Trump seems to have been paying attention to the nonsensical so-called hearing in Georgia. On Thursday afternoon, he tweeted that “Blockbuster testimony [is] taking place right now in Georgia,” claiming that “Ballot stuffing by Dems when Republicans were forced to leave the large counting room” took place, which is false. Video footage of election workers moving ballots from one place to the other in a room does not equal actual evidence of fraud! It just doesn’t.