D.C. Attorney General Terrifies Ivanka With Rebuttal To Her Lies


Ivanka Trump is in a world of hurt. Now, maybe her father will be successful with his 21-plus  preemptive pardons, but Donald Trump cannot save her from state charges. There is one alternative if the whole family does not want matching orange uniforms, which look terrible with four-inch heels. They could gather up all their imitation-gold fixtures and descend upon a nation without an extradition agreement with America. It appears, her father trained her to be his female alternative from an early age.

When she was just 25-years-old, he sent her to entertain one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top oligarchs for a day. Normally, that would appear like sending a lamb into the wolves’ den, but Ivanka is no lamb. Thursday night on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show had an interesting guest who spoke to that.

The news had just hit the airwaves about Ivanka being deposed for five hours in an investigation over the Trump family’s misuse of non-profit funds at their Washington, D.C. hotel. She charged the Republican Inauguration 175 times what she charged another nonprofit.

Rachel Maddow interviewed Attorney General Karl Racine on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show. She asked him about the investigation:

‘There’s a long list of people and entities who have been subpoenaed for documents as part of your investigation. Have you been able to talk to everybody you’d like to talk to?’

Racine explained that this was a civil case, which has far less stringent rules than a criminal case. He said Ivanka had been “highly misleading:”

‘Yeah. Our prosecution of this civil case has been thorough and, indeed, we’ve received numerous documents. We think that the productions to date have been complete. I want to emphasize a couple of points, and I think that with all due respect to Ivanka Trump, what she put out today was highly misleading and at best only a part of the story.’

Racine continued, noting that she tried to cover her tracks with one email, but neglected. to provide her follow-upn emails, which were damning. Her stepmother’s former best friend, Stephanie Winston Wokoff handled one side of the inauguration event and was quite alarmed at the price the Trump Hotel was charging the committee:

‘For example, Rachel, she makes a lot of an email wherein she claims that she directed the foundation to pay market rate for the Trump Hotel.’

‘That email was dated December 14th. Days after that email, there was clearly an attempt to pay a lot more than the market price. Stephanie Winston Wokoff sent emails — including to Ivanka Trump — raising alarms about the prices that the Trump Hotel was seeking to charge the inauguration committee.’

He added that in spite of her attempts to place the blame elsewhere, Ivanka was responsible for charging rates at “extraordinarily high levels:

‘Interestingly, Ms. Trump does not cite any email after Ms. Wolcoff’s red-alarm email saying, “oh my goodness, this should not be charged at these high levels.” And, in fact, as we know, the foundation was charged at extraordinarily high levels.’

He said the Trump Hotel charged the inaugural committee $175,000 for their event, which included a ballroom for only half of one day, according to The Newsweek magazine. A different nonprofit, the President Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, paid just $5,000 for the same expenditure.

Take a look at the interview below:

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