Giuliani’s ‘Star’ Witness Just Got Off Probation For Electronic Crimes


Melissa Carone, 33, is Donald Trump’s and his closest adviser attorney Rudy Giuliani’s top witness. The former New York mayor reached down into the bottom of the barrel, pulled her out, and dusted her off so she can testify about voter fraud. There is just one problem.

Unfortunately, Carone was on probation for computer crimes. This mother of two made a plea deal with Wayne County, Michigan prosecutors. In a plea deal, the “first-degree obscenity” charge was dropped.

She was supposed to seal the president’s claims of voter fraud after she claimed to see thousands and thousands of ballots hauled into the counting room in food trucks, according to The Deadline Detroit news organization. Contracted as an IT Dominion machine support worker, she claimed this was how the Democrats brought in all these so-called pro-President-elect Joe Biden ballots.

In an exclusive, the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, with New York-stationed journalists found court records under Carone’s maiden name, Mellissa Wright:

Rudy Giuliani took her to Michigan’s state assembly, but she was suddenly attacking one of the legislators. The president’s attorney made an attempt to shush her to no avail.  Carone was so bad that the video of her performance went viral as soon as it was posted.

One of her problems was that she tweeted from an account that the court-ordered closed, and she claimed to have “got rid of.” Apparently, this was not true.

When one of the Republican state representatives suggested the panel put her under oath, Carone went off and began attacking the lawmaker. Somehow, she believed that being a mother was equivalent to being under oath.

People compared to the Cecily Strong character on SNL in her powerful but inappropriate appearance before the panel. Carone has a four-month-old daughter with her fiance and a three-year-old from a previous relationship.

She worked for Ford IT before being laid off. Her car has its fair share of Recall Meghan Whitmer bumper stickers. Since her layoff, she has become a loud Trump supporter. At the time of the recount, she was working as a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems.

Unfortunately, Carone recently completed her probation for committing computer crimes. She had been sentenced to 12 months of probation for computer crimes committed in November 2018. Her first-degree obscenity crime was dropped.

This woman was a non-discriminating attacker, going after both the Republicans and the Democrats:

‘Democrats ruin your life. I know what I saw. I know what I saw. If I’m wrong I can go to prison.’

A Republican member of the panel asked if she had been drinking, and her voice shot up “Absolutely not!”

This was not Giuliani’s first screwup. Not only did he miss Carone’s criminal past, he also screwed up a press conference. Instead of holding it at the Four Seasons Hotel, everyone landed up at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, located between a sex shop and a crematorium.

And the circus continued.

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