Sidney ‘The Kraken’ Powell Blows It Again With Humiliating Mistake


Hilariously, a new filing in a Georgia case by lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood alleges that “machine-controlled algorithms deliberately run by Dominion Voting Systems… generally took more than 2.5% of the votes from Mr. Biden and flipped them to Mr. Trump.” In other words, their filing — as written — alleges that the supposedly oh-so-nefarious Dominion Voting Systems flipped votes away from Biden!

In other words, that part of the filing on its own would suggest that Powell and Wood have alleged fraud on behalf of Trump in Georgia. The next part seems to indicate that they accidentally swapped the names of Trump and Biden, because they allege that the votes switched away from Biden somehow helped Biden, which… isn’t how math works. If they’d meant to say, however, that Dominion switched votes away from Trump to help Biden, then that would make more sense, on some level. Foundationally, there is no meaningfully conclusive evidence whatsoever for their underlying assertion that Dominion switched any votes at all. The Department of Homeland Security itself has unequivocally confirmed that there is “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

Attorney General Bill Barr, a Trump loyalist, has also joined the chorus of those confirming that there’s no evidence of election outcome-altering fraud, but that development hasn’t stopped the frenzied pace of claims to the contrary from Trump and his allies. The election was not rigged, period — there’s just no meaningfully conclusive evidence for this claim, at all. Nevertheless, in Georgia, Powell and Wood sought a court order to decertify the presidential election results in the state, and they’ve also sought an order for state authorities to “preserve all data on the Dominion System” so that “Republican Electors can audit the Dominion System.” It’s unclear that prospective Republican members of the electoral college have any legally meaningful standing to conduct such an “audit.”

Powell and Wood have taken their claims of fraud to such an extreme that, at a recent rally in Georgia, both of them suggested that Republicans shouldn’t vote in upcoming Senate elections in the state at all over their baseless fraud concerns. According to Georgia state authorities, the duo’s Georgia lawsuit threatens the ability of officials to effectively handle those elections, because in Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee Counties, a judge has ordered the preservation of voting machines and their software as-is — but local authorities have another election to run with the same equipment just around the corner.