Audio Of Threats On Life Of Black Michigan Lawmaker Released


Donald Trump takes extreme sadistic pleasure from pitting one individual against another, handing them a “weapon,” then leaning back and watching them duke it out. That is his idea of a good time, and he even does it to his children. Right now Ivanka and Don Junior are in a knife fight to the death over which one of them will rise to power after dear old dad retires.

Meanwhile, up in Michigan Cynthia Johnson, a Democrat, was one of the Michigan lawmakers who sat on a panel. They heard testimony from Donald Trump‘s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and others about unfounded allegations of voter fraud in the state. This was just prior to the president’s fixer going to the hospital with coronavirus.

Trump has been holed up in the White House. An old man filled with rage and detached from the people now clings to power with the last of his control. He still keeps trying to invalidate America’s elections, to tear down our democracy as he leaves the building. POTUS has been crying out that he has been a victim. Yeah, life for billionaires, even millionaires is so rough.

Poor Donald, he does not get to be class president. Instead, he has become the class clown. Yet, when the most dangerous man in the world, arguably, rants via tweet, Senate Republicans stood in silent, too cowed to speak up, because keeping their jobs has been more important than Americans keeping their lives. They are not actually silent after all. Their actions speak volumes.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson noticed a crowd growing outside of her house Saturday night, angry and armed, NPR reported. They chanted “Stop the steal” in a dull odd monotone. She said:

‘As my four-year-old son and I were finishing up decorating the house for Christmas on Saturday night, and he was about to sit down to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, dozens of armed individuals stood outside my home shouting obscenities and chanting into bullhorns in the dark of night.’

When Donald Trump’s fixer and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani came to town, state Representative Cynthia Johnson sat on a panel and heard his off-the-wall, misleading case. This as the president tried to circumvent the nation’s whole electoral system.

Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson posted “a series of voicemails” on her Facebook page late Sunday night. It turned out that anonymous people left dark threats on her life, via voice mail.

She is one tough woman and issued her own threat to these faceless people engaging in these criminal acts. Johnson said:

‘New call attempts to my personal phone. And if a message was left, I’ll make them famous!’

She shared several recent voicemails from haters all around the nation. One said she would be “hanging from the gallows:”

‘You’re allowing people to come here and lie.’

Another faceless caller said that she would “pay” for “what she is doing.”

Johnson became an instant star when Saturday Night Live (SNL) imitated her at the hearing. She  said:

‘The SNL skit was amusing, I guess, but last night my caucus was trying to figure out how to keep those on that committee safe from the deluge of death threats they’re receiving. I’m sorry to be a bummer and I’m glad people enjoyed the skit, but the reality of it is heinous.’

Trump has inspired his followers to threaten the lives of members of the media with real pipe bombs. Fortunately, all attempts have been thwarted, thus far. It looks as if the Donald will have to watch OANN TV instead tonight.

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