Jenna Ellis Has Bizarre Monday Meltdown During Live Fox Appearance


Jenna Ellis has been helping lead President Donald Trump’s desperate fight against the election results in the aftermath of President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive win, and during an appearance on Fox this Monday, she characterized her efforts as “the right thing for God and my country,” which seems to reflect a disturbing level of religious fervor underlying the Trump team’s conspiracy crusade. Ellis and her allies, including fellow Trump legal team leader Rudy Giuliani, have been pushing lies across the country, claiming that conspirators rigged the election for Biden. There’s just no legitimate evidence for their claims of systematic fraud — their ignorant and extremist crusade against democracy is nonsensical.

On Fox, Ellis said as follows after host Charles Payne asked about how she’s been dealing with the chaos of the spotlight:

‘You know, my life is in service and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ, and so whatever anybody else says really doesn’t bother me. I hope that I can be a light and inspiration to everyone else that no matter what anyone says about you, it’s all about just who you are as a person made in the image of God and in Christ. And that’s ultimately at the end of the day — as long as I know that I’m pursuing truth and I’m doing the right thing for God and my country, that’s all that matters. So that’s what gives me my optimism and my hope.’

Watch her comments below:

Would God be happy with the lies that Ellis has been spreading around the country? Among other ludicrous points, Ellis recently claimed that over half a million ballots were cast illegally in Arizona, where Biden won, and the Trump team has raised similar claims elsewhere — but wouldn’t a crisis of that size have some kind of undeniable supporting evidence? Would Ellis suggest that the conservative and liberal judges all around the country who have consistently rejected the Trump team’s systematic fraud claims are in on the fraud too? The scope of fraud that Trump’s allies allege is staggering, and the alleged plot would likely require the cooperation of thousands of people across the country. Their claims are simply nonsensical.

Ellis has also pushed the idea that footage shows unsupervised ballot-counting in Fulton County, Georgia… but the footage that Trump’s allies have presented evidently shows an observer from the state right there onsite.