Disgraced Texas AG Ken Paxton Blindsided By F.B.I. Subpoena


Are the Republican members of the House so dim that they do not understand by following Donald Trump, they are calling for a coup? Apparently so. There were 106 of them who signed onto Trump’s lawsuit calling for the Supreme Court to overturn millions of votes against him in swing states — both Democratic and Republican, Then, 17 Republican attorney generals piled on. Only 90 GOP representatives refused. The Donald was virtually standing at the end of the line marking off who is naughty (to him) and nice (to him). There was just one problem.


When the president asked for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to try the case before the Supreme Court, the senator agreed. Then, the trouble started.

It seems that the man who cooked this all up is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The FBI subpoenaed the Republican Texas AG Attorney when, according to the Courthouse News site:

‘His senior staff reported him for alleged corruption, bribery and abuse of office for investigating the enemies of campaign donor and Austin real estate investor Nate Paul.’

The October 1 letter stated:

‘Each signatory below has knowledge of facts relevant to these potential offenses and has provided statements concerning those facts to the appropriate law enforcement authority. We have a good faith belief that the Attorney General is violating federal and/or state law, including prohibitions relating to improper influences, abuse of office, bribery, and other potential criminal offenses.’

Journalist for the Austin American Statesman tweeted about the letter sent by seven of Paxton’s top aides condemning their boss:

NEW: This is the letter sent by 7 top aides to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton alleging the state’s top lawyer has committed multiple criminal violations. @statesman @KVUE.’

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Paul complained about the FBI’s and Texas Rangers’ open investigations into him. Paxton had to end the investigation for Paul, due to actions taken by the Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore. She alleged Paxton approached her office with Paul and his attorney to complain about the investigation. She had referred Paxton’s complaint back to Paxton’s office June 10. Moore said then:

‘We concluded that ours was not the appropriate office to either address the matters raised in the complaint or to conduct an investigation into them,.My office has closed this file and will take no further action. Furthermore, I have instructed my employees to have no further contact with you or your office regarding this matter.’


It started when Paxton appointed Houston attorney Brandon Cammack to serve as a special outside prosecutor for Paul’s investigation. Cammack had a “Travis County grand jury subpoena Paul’s creditors in September for a grand total of 39 subpoenas. That was when the seven whistleblowers mutinied.

They said Paxton helped Paul by pressuring his attorneys to obtain state and federal records that would lead to a raid:

‘They claim Paxton ordered the issuance of a non-binding advisory opinion that would stop some of Paul’s real estate properties from being foreclosed on during the Covid-19 pandemic.’

Paul has donated $25,000 to Paxton’s campaign. He has also contributed to Congressmen Chip Roy and Michael McCaul and U.S. Senator John Cornyn, according to Federal Election Commission records.

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