PA Attorney General Trolls Team Trump Over Bogus SCOTUS Lawsuit


Keep in mind that no one in the Senate likes Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). No one. He has great credentials, a lovely family, and the awards to prove what an excellent debater he is. But he has the cringe-worthy feel of Eddie Haskell, a character in the 1957 Leave it To Beaver television series. The week, Donald Trump likes Cruz, and here is why.

Trump asked the senator to argue a very special case before the Supreme Court. Over 100 Republican Representatives joined a lawsuit to overthrow the election, also known as a daylight coup. Then, 17 Republican attorney generals piled on the suit, and Trump stood at the end of the line marking which ones were his friends and which were his enemies.

Trump approached Cruz, which did not give him any accolades. CNN’s Prime Time‘s host Chris Cuomo had asked Pennsylvania’s, Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) how he felt about the senator. This AG is from one of the presidential swing states.

Shapiro mocked Cruz:

‘He has proven himself to be neither a genius in the law or a genius, frankly, in terms of an EQ. He is a sad sack.’

Cuomo released this tweet, which read:

‘”This suit that was filed by my colleague from Texas is uniquely unserious. It is based on bizarro conspiracy theories. It is based on issues that have been litigated and dismissed.”