Singer Forgets Words To ‘God Bless America’ At Saturday Trump Rally


On Saturday, some of Trump’s most fervent supporters rallied in Washington, D.C., for an event called the Jericho March, where participants planned to march around key buildings in Washington, D.C., in reference to the Old Testament story in which Israelites march around the ancient city of Jericho in an attempt to conquer the place. If that description wasn’t enough of an alarm bell, once the event got underway, proceedings took a decidedly bizarre turn. An actual Catholic exorcist spoke at the event, delivering an impassioned prayer from the stage against demonic forces that those on hand evidently believe to be at work. The implication that the electoral process sending Joe Biden to the White House is somehow the work of demons is just unhinged.

At another point during the proceedings, a woman spoke from the stage while holding a hammer and ranting about a supposed “super-computer” called “The Hammer,” which Trump allies have alleged worked to fraudulently prop up Biden’s vote totals during the election. There is no actual legitimate evidence that a super-computer known as The Hammer fraudulently added votes to Biden’s totals — but this fact didn’t stop the rally speaker from hitting a podium with her hammer and asking rally participants to shout “No King but Jesus!” anyway.

She said as follows:

‘We are going to respond to the Dominion voting machines, and the supercomputer called “The Hammer,” but we’re going to come with a different spirit today, and I’m going to hammer this podium with my hammer, and when I do, I want all of us to shout: “No King but Jesus!”

Watch footage of the cultish nonsense below:

Televangelist Mark Burns also spoke at the event. While yelling, he insisted that the “Jericho walls must come down!” He (loudly) added as follows:

‘This is what I learned about witchcraft. You gotta tell a witch; you gotta look ’em right in the eye and say: I’m coming after you! This is your last day! This is your last time! Every curse you cursed against our president and against our nation is gonna double-fold back on your head!… These are our devils! And we will kill them now!’

In short, this speaker at rally proceedings that Trump himself lauded on Twitter is characterizing “devils” that must be “killed” as responsible for political developments that he doesn’t like. Check out the cultish nonsense below:

At one particularly laughable moment, retired General Michael Flynn’s sister appeared on stage, where she appeared to completely bungle the words of “God Bless America.” Check out the footage below: