Georgia Supreme Court Issues Rare Sunday Ruling To Rebuke Trump


The Georgia Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from the Trump campaign in a case that the president’s team brought against the presidential election outcome in the state, where Biden won. The court rejected the appeal on account of a lack of jurisdiction over the matter, they explained. Specifically, the Trump campaign was appealing a lower-court order that stated that “because in the underlying election contest petitioners had withdrawn their request for emergency injunctive relief, the case would proceed “in the normal course.”” In other words, the Trump campaign appears to have been zeroing in on the speed at which their case was moving and clamoring for a quicker review of their claims, no matter their own step back from an earlier request for “emergency injunctive relief.”

In their Sunday order on the matter, the Georgia Supreme Court notes that they generally have jurisdiction over direct appeals of “final judgments,” but the order that the Trump campaign attempted to appeal does not fit this description. As for the prospect of seeking review by the Georgia Supreme Court regardless of lower court action, the court says that this scenario isn’t applicable either, because the Trump campaign did not prove the matter is “one of those extremely rare cases” that would fall under original jurisdiction of the court.

In their original lawsuit, Trump, his campaign, and David Shafer — the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party — sought a slew of actions from the court. They alleged that “many thousands of illegal votes were cast, counted, and included in the tabulations” for the presidential election, but there is no legitimate evidence for this scope of election fraud. The Department of Homeland Security, Attorney General Bill Barr, and local election officials from around the country have all confirmed that there’s no evidence of outcome-altering election fraud. Nevertheless, Trump’s side in the case originally sought an entirely new presidential election in the state of Georgia. Concurrently, they also wanted a court to declare that the results of the already held presidential election in Georgia are “null and void.”

As time has gone on, points like Trump’s demand for a block of the certification of the election results in Georgia have become even more obviously moot. The results are certified, and the electoral college is meeting on Monday to confirm Biden’s victory.