Jim Jordan Green Lights Plot To Sabotage Electoral Vote Count


During a Sunday morning appearance on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) expressed support for the idea of debating over the electoral college totals when Congress meets on January 6 to confirm the results of its vote that’s slated for Monday. Debating over the electoral college totals when Congress meets for the procedural step of confirming the results of the electoral college’s vote would throw the process into entirely avoidable disarray and potentially sow distrust in the system even farther among Americans. Jordan didn’t seem particularly concerned about these potentially seriously damaging consequences of his proposed action — instead, he framed his anti-democratic proposal as somehow altruistic!

Jordan repeated the sentiment to “let the process play out,” which might sound nice to some but is a frankly disingenuous argument — because letting the “process play out” is exactly what has already been going on all around the country. Pretending that something other than the comprehensive election security “process” that was already in place has been unfolding and concocting a controversy over this imaginary lack of appropriate safeguards for the election is fundamentally deceptive.

Jordan deceptively ranted as follows:

‘All these Democrats who keep saying — oh, we can’t look into this, nothing to see here — well, 77 percent of 75 million [Trump voters] think there’s something to see here, and we owe it to them to let the process play out. Monday: the electoral college meets. January 6 is when a joint session of Congress confirms what the electoral college vote was, but you can have a debate if you have one Senator, one Representative object to certain electors from respective states being counted, you can have a debate. I think we owe it to the American people to have that debate… What’s wrong with letting this process play out? For four years, the Democrats went after President Trump. Why not let us have a few weeks to let the Constitutional process play out so we can get answers for the American people.’

Jordan also brought up allegations of Biden family corruption, claiming that President-elect Biden was definitively caught “cozying up with foreign governments to enrich” his family, which is simply false. Joe has no apparent documented significant ties to overseas business activities involving his family.

Nevertheless, Jordan ranted as follows:

‘At the same time that so many of these Democrats were accusing President Donald Trump of working with foreign governments, which we know was not true, which we know was built on this fake dossier and this whole hoax they went through — the same time that all that’s going on, turns out their candidate for president, Vice President Biden, was, in fact, cozying up with foreign governments to enrich their family.’

Check out Jordan’s comments below: