Texas Electors Vote 34-4 To Demand Swing States Reject Biden


On Monday, electors across the country cast their votes for president of the United States following the November 3 election in which Joe Biden won over incumbent president Donald Trump with 306 electoral college votes to 232. The election is long over and the matter is officially settled, but Trump supporters are not giving up. Some of those supporters, however, are in official positions and have no business pushing a ridiculous conspiracy theory about a rigged election.

In Texas, electors passed a resolution demanding that swing states – Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania – ignore the will of the people in their states and allow Republican electors to cast votes for Trump instead of Biden even though the former Vice President won all three states. Those results have been contested and recounted multiple times, but Texas is still determined to thwart democracy and install their leader.

The Texas Tribune reports that:

‘The call from the Texas electors came in the form of a resolution they passed 34-4, but it had no impact on the results. The four states — Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania — had already cast their votes by that time, and soon after, California cast its 55 votes for Biden and pushed him over the 270 number he needed to win the presidency.

‘Nonetheless, the resolution continued the practice of many Texas Republicans of baselessly questioning Biden’s victory and claiming fraud.’

Texas quite famously already filed a Supreme Court case against those four states demanding that they overturn their elections, but were dismissed by justices who refused to hear their case and determined that no state has standing to demand that other states hold elections in any particular way. Of course, there’s also the whole matter of no evidence being available to prove that any election fraud happened, which has hurt Trump’s legal team repeatedly in court.

‘The resolution also “condemn[ed] the lack of action by the U.S. Supreme Court” to overturn the election results. There was a brief debate among electors over whether they should keep language in the resolution denouncing members of the U.S. Supreme Court for “moral cowardice.” On Friday, the high court briskly rejected a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton that sought to overturn the election results and had become a vehicle for Republicans across the country to contest Biden’s victory.’

Trump does not want to admit that he lost, especially while hapless supporters are still sending money for his legal fund and Trump can manipulate that money however he chooses. However, he lost, and by more than six million votes. The election is long over and should be acknowledged as such.

‘In most circumstances, electors follow the will of the state’s voters. But in 2016, two Texas electors refused to vote for Trump — one voted for then-Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and another cast a ballot for a fellow Texan, former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul. Their dissent triggered Gov. Greg Abbott to push for a bill that would “bind” Texas’ Electoral College members to the result of the statewide popular vote. The measure failed.’