Post-Electoral Vote ‘NY Daily News’ Cover Will Have Trump Raging


In his third attempt to win the presidential race, President-elect Joe Biden achieved victory — much to the relief of over 80 million Americans. The Electoral College voted Biden’s 306-vote win to Donald Trump’s 232-vote loss. Yet, after losing 60-plus lawsuits over the election, POTUS refuses to concede the election. Now, people all across the nation and around the world are laughing at him.

It comes as something of a surprise that the 45th president, whom many historians say will be the worst president in US history, would carry on his attempts to steal the election for as long as he did. This has been true even after people started to laugh at him.

A lame-duck president’s power normally is diminished during those last months. However, Trump has accelerated that decline with his 60 frivolous lawsuits, hundreds of irate tweets, and his focus on himself and his election. This in spite of 16.6 million sick coronavirus victims and over 300,000 Americans lying in cold, dark graves.

The New York Daily News celebrated President-elect Joe Biden’s official win with a cover that puts Trump firmly back on his bottom.  In the 101-year-old newspaper’s latest infamous cover, the headline read:


The subtitle read:

‘Now, the Electoral College affirms Biden’s win over conspiracy-mad president…’

The tabloid also tweeted:

America voted. The Supreme Court ruled. Now, the Electoral College affirms Biden’s win over conspiracy-mad president… IT’S OVER, EVEN IF THE FAT MAN WON’T SING’

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