Trump Criminal Prosecution Declaration Made By Congressman


On Wednesday, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., a New Jersey Democrat, called for a post-presidency criminal prosecution of outgoing President Donald Trump after he leaves office. A slew of potential avenues lead to a Trump criminal prosecution covering a range of financial misdeeds. Although his plans for future stages of his investigation aren’t immediately clear, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is conducting a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization’s business practices. Pascrell insisted on Wednesday that “Trump should be criminally prosecuted in 2021 because if he is not held accountable for his crimes America’s slide into lawlessness and authoritarianism may become irreversible.”

Trump’s behavior has greenlit waves of anti-democratic activism across the GOP, with numerous top Republicans jumping in with his fight against the election outcome. No matter Trump’s bombastic claims of some kind of grand fraud conspiracy, this election fight isn’t based in any legitimate evidence and amounts to a fight against the fundamental democratic process in the United States. In court, Trump’s team has sought the disenfranchisement of huge swathes of voters, like hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters whose ballots that the Trump team targeted. Trump’s team didn’t actually allege any voter fraud among these voters in this particular lawsuit, The New York Times explains — but the campaign wanted their ballots disqualified anyway. They alleged that authorities had mishandled election-related procedures, but these claims failed in state and federal courts in Wisconsin.

Election-related issues aren’t, of course, the only areas that Trump’s belligerence has affected. In response to a post about a decision from a Republican mayor in Kansas to resign after facing serious threats over supporting a mandate to wear face masks, Pascrell observed on Twitter that “Trump’s activation and encouragement of rightwing domestic terrorism aimed at mask mandates is threatening leaders’ lives and lays out the violent nihilism of trumpism.”

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