Another Republican Renounces Party Over Texas Lawsuit Debacle


It came creeping through the darkest times hiding amongst the pockets of ill will. Greed sucked the soul out of the Republican Party and left behind grotesque husks of what pass for human beings. Alas, the Republican Party on Capitol Hill is dead.

Self-described Senate Leader Mitch Grim Reaper McConnell did, indeed, kill every bill passed by the House meant to feed miles-long lines of hungry Americans. Moscow Mitch turned a rock-hard heart away from the multitudes of people being cast out of their homes and the ones counting their worn dollars to buy heat in a white-out snowstorm.

Fortunately, our neighbor Republicans are nearly like the rest of us and share many of our core values. But Capitol Hill greed worked hardest of all to divide us.

There is a remarkable group of Republicans, former Republicans, and even some newly-minted Democrats who have been trying to warn the Republicans in our families and at work of the dire turn their party leaders have chosen.

The former New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn is one of the founders of The Lincoln Project. In The USA Today newspaper opinion piece, she explained why she just switched her registration to Independent. She wrote:

‘My mother spent a lifetime trying to teach me to stand for what is right. “You do the right thing because it is the right thing,” she would tell me, “no matter how hard it might be. You will be better and stronger for having done so.”

‘I became a Republican in part because those values seemed inherently aligned with the Republican Party as I understood it: a voice for equality, freedom and constitutional conservatism, with a rich history of fighting for what was right because it was right.

‘…I have spent the past 20 years engaged in the fight for these foundational American principles — as a Republican. For the past five years, however, I have found myself fighting for what I thought were the principles of my party in the face of the ever-deteriorating character and integrity of party representatives. They have revealed their impotence and decrepitude as they have fallen, one by one, at the feet of the most corrupt, destructive and unstable president in the history of our country.

‘It seems there is no assault on human dignity too great, no attack on democracy too extreme, to inspire the Republican weaklings in Congress to speak up or stand up to President Donald Trump.

‘With very few exceptions, elected Republicans have been silent in the face of this president’s most  They have defended and excused his impeachable betrayals.

‘Worst of all, they have openly supported his attempts to sabotage the Constitution and dismantle democracy as we know it. Trump’s post-election attempts to invalidate millions of legitimate votes through an abuse of the judicial systemamount to no less than an attempted coup and has been openly encouraged and supported by every level of the Republican Party.

‘Those ideals that I have spent so many years fighting for — liberty, conservatism, constitutional leadership — are no longer the principles of the Republican Party. Never did I believe I would see the day when the party of Abraham Lincoln would try to invalidate millions of legitimate ballots and enlist in an effort to overthrow the lawful government of the United States.

‘Yet, that is where we are today. In the weeks since the election, the GOP has ransacked the Constitution. Republicans have demeaned our republic with their attempts to steal an election as if we were no more than a third-rate banana republic. They have humiliated them.

‘Just as Abraham Lincoln understood that America could not continue to stand with so destructive an institution as slavery, so have I come to understand that America and today’s Republican Party cannot coexist.

‘The GOP has become so destructive an institution — by embracing racism, accepting hatred and cruelty as the foundation for policy, and by advocating for and advancing the overthrow of democracy in America — that it has become wholly incompatible with the constitutional pillars of our country. ‘

To read the entire opinion piece, click on this link USA Today.

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