Traitorous GOP Senator Vows To Challenge Biden Victory In Congress


The new Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) may have made the worst political decision of his life. He implied that he would walk away from Senate Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell (R-KY), uber-lord of the Greed-R-Us branch of the party. Instead, he would stand with the Nihilistic branch of the party supporting Donald Trump. The president put his agenda into warp speed to accelerate the Great Republican Divide, which has nearly squeezed every other Republican out into the cold.

Trump crashed and totaled his presidency on the rocks of arrogance. He thought for certain he would win, but he lost by over seven million votes. So, now he sits fuming in the Oval Office plotting revenge against his enemies, aka most of the people he has ever met.

He has planted virtual IEDs all around the White House President-elect Joe Biden will soon occupy, ginned up a considerable base, and let loose his hounds from hell. Some of those live right on Capitol Hill. This week, the Grim Reaper McConnell made the near-fatal mistake of agreeing Biden had won. Trump was furious.

One of Trump’s pets is Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), according to (Alabama) The representative wants to kill Biden’s win by overturning the Electoral College win and hand it to his master. But first, he needs a senator as per protocol. Enter the newly-elected Tommy Tuberville (R-AL). At a campaign rally to help out his two Republican comrades, Tuberville said “it was time to act:”

‘Folks, we got to grab a hold and hold on. We have no choice. Listen to me now. We have no choice but to win this election. They’re going to try to steal it. They’re going to try to buy it. They’re going to tdo everything they can to lie, cheat, and steal to win this election. Like they did in the presidential election. It’s impossible. It is impossible what happened. But we’re going to get that all corrected. I’m gonna tell you: don’t give up on [President Trump]. Don’t give up on him.’

After the rally, Creator/Executive Producer of The Undercurrent Lauren Windsor asked Tuberville what he was going to do to “fix” what he said was wrong:

‘We’re going to fight hard.’

One of his staffers tried to bundle the senator away to avoid the reporters’ minefield of questions. The senator said:

‘Just wait. Just — well, you see what’s coming. You’ve been reading about it in the House [of Representitives]. We’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to do it in the Senate.’

McConnell told his caucus to stay far away from Trump’s problem, according to The New York Times. Apparently, Tuberville could care less. Conversely, the House jumped in with both feet. Brooks gave The Politico interview, where he said:

‘I find it unfathomable that anyone would acquiesce to election theft and voter fraud because they lack the courage to take a difficult vote on the House or Senate floor. Last time I checked, that’s why we were elected to Congress.’

Windsor’s tweet pointed out that the new senator would probably be defying Mitch McConnell:

‘BREAKING: Defying McConnell, Sen-elect Tuberville suggests he will challenge Electoral College, while stumping in Georgia

— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) December 17, 2020′

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