Biden Clowns On Lindsey Graham And It Was Fantastic


Not all that long ago, then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) worked together on bipartisan bills and were close friends who spent their free time together and were close to one another’s families. In fact, Graham once said that Joe Biden was “as good a man as God ever created.”

Of course, all of that was before Graham began capitulating to Donald Trump in a desperate bid to hold his senate seat. Graham narrowly won reelection in 2020 and has since reportedly pressured officials in Georgia to manipulate vote counts in order to give Trump a win in the state, a claim which Graham denies but witnesses on the phone call between Graham and Georgia Secretary of State John Raffensperger has confirmed.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on CBS, Biden referred to the South Carolina senator who he once counted as a friend as “a personal disappointment.”

‘Biden, who has made his willingness to work with Republicans a key campaign promise, declined to say whether their relationship was salvageable.

‘“Lindsey’s been a personal disappointment because I was a personal friend of his,” Biden told the CBS host.’

Graham was best known for his alignment with the late Sen. John McCain, a moderate who often stood as a voice of reason in the Republican Party. McCain and Biden were also very close, and McCain’s widow publicly endorsed Biden in the 2020 election and even spoke for him at the Democratic National Convention. The three spent time together in their homes and with one another’s families.

‘Despite their political differences, the pair traveled and dined together as members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Biden jokingly offered Graham his support in 2013 for reelection, saying he would “campaign for him or against him, whichever will help the most.” When Graham got emotional recounting a phone call he had with Biden following the death of his son Beau Biden in 2015, the senator concluded, “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you got a problem.”’

Biden still maintains that he intends to try to work across the aisle as president, bringing Democrats and Republicans together in a time of crisis due to COVID-19 and its impact on Americans as well as the economy. He hopes that once Trump is out of office, Republicans in Congress will feel more free to work with their Democratic colleagues.

‘Once this president is no longer in office, I think you’re going to see his impact on the body politic fade, and a lot of these Republicans are going to feel they have much more room to run and cooperate.’