Giuliani Launches Delirious Sunday Radio Rant As Case Collapses


Rudy Giuliani sounds wildly unhinged. As he continues to help lead President Donald Trump’s fight against the election outcome, Giuliani is pushing conspiracy theories about the recently concluded presidential election that are just bonkers. During a Sunday morning edition of his own radio show, Giuliani presented a slew of wild accusations, like the idea that thousands and thousands of undocumented immigrants voted in Arizona alone. Tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants voting in the presidential election in a single state would create a huge trail of evidence — but Giuliani does not account for this fact.

Giuliani is sticking to angry belligerence. At one point, he angrily ranted as follows:

‘I can smell crooks! Smell ’em! And these crooks smell so bad, you can smell ’em from a mile. Now prove me wrong! Prove me nuts! They love to say I’m nuts on left-wing bullcrap companies, so prove me wrong, and let me have access to those machines.’

At a later point, Giuliani ranted against so-called Republican “turncoats” who are “destroying the right to vote in America” because of their supposed cowardice in responding to imaginary Democratic fraud. Giuliani is talking in disturbingly grandiose, cultish terms.

Apparently, Giuliani wants observers to assume that officials across the entire governmental system who are responsible for handling the election are complicit in a fraud scheme of wildly huge proportions. If undocumented immigrants voted, then where are their ballots? What means did they use to cast these ballots? Did they cast the ballots at in-person polling places, and if so, then how did Giuliani’s imaginary fraudsters convince untold numbers of frontline election workers to let people vote who weren’t even registered? Is there any segment of society outside of the president’s base of supporters who Giuliani would suggest wasn’t somehow complicit in the imaginary fraud? At one point, Giuliani insisted that Democrats “fixed” the courts in their favor. There’s no legitimate evidence for this claim. Donald Trump himself appointed some of the judges who have rejected his team’s fraud claims.

At another point during his belligerent ranting, Giuliani insinuated that local officials across the country were clearly hiding something on account of their refusal to hand over election management machines for examination by the Trump team. He talked as though these machines haven’t been “examined” at all, but across the country, election management machines must undergo rigorous examinations on both the state and federal levels. Giuliani is ignorant and wrong.

Check out clips from Giuliani’s radio show at this link.