‘Very Active’ Federal Investigation Into Giuliani Corruption Announced


Imagine that we are Alice at Lewis Carroll’s wonderfully awful tea party. In a take-off of Alice in Wonderland, we see Donald Trump, the Mad Capper, wearing a top hat to protect his $70,000 hairstyle. In comes the March Hair (Hare) Rudy Guliani whose hair appears to be melting down his ruddy cheeks. Of course, we must not forget White Rabbit portrayed by the QAnon twins They are the newly elected representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and her twin conspiracy theorist aka attorney Sidney Powell. They keep dunking the poor Dormouse, or as we call it the truth, into the teapot hoping he will drown.


Alice, in a very convincing portrayal by Americans, has been on an up-and-down misadventure ever since Donald the Mad Capper took charge. She turns to White Rabbit and says:

‘It’s the stupidest tea party I ever was at in all my life!’

Time is up, Ruddy. The feds are hot on the trail of him and his emails. The prosecutors from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) have asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a look into the president’s attorney/fixer’s emails. They must have the DOJ’s approval before they can ask a judge for a search warrant given these materials might be protected by attorney-client privilege, according to NBC News.

The ongoing investigation is “very active.” In October 2019, prosecutors from the SDNY had been going over Giuliani’s bank records as part of their investigation into what he was doing in the Ukraine. Two of his friends, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, have already been arrested on campaign finance fraud charges. Since that time, they have also been charged with “crimes related to wire fraud conspiracy. Parnas and Fruman have pleaded not guilty.”

That led investigators to obtain other documents. At the time, the president’s attorney with melting hair was being watched for his attempts to talk the Ukraine into investigating Trump’s opponent’s son Hunter Biden and his business within the country.

Since then, the investigation into Giuliani went quiet. Attorney for the president’s fixer, Robert Costello, told NBC News:

‘I have no reason to believe there’s any truth to the allegations that there is renewed interest in my client.’

According to DOJ rules, prosecutors may not take any action that could sway an election either way. Now that the election has been settled, the investigation is ramping up once again.

Former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and an NBC News Analyst Chuck Rosenberg said that surely the DOJ would approve their requests for a search warrant:

‘It’s sensible to perhaps treat a search warrant as an overt investigative step, Search warrants for a subject’s personal belongings are not terribly discreet and the recipient of the warrant can talk about it.’

‘That could be a legitimate concern before an election but the equation changes after an election, when you no longer need to abstain from overt investigative steps.’

Giuliani had the coronavirus and was released from the medical center less than two weeks ago. Back on December 1, Giuliani had been discussing a pre-emptive pardon with Trump. Normally, a person will be pardoned only after he or she has been convicted, so a pre-emptive pardon may be questionable at best. Even so, any pardon would not protect Giuliani from state charges, only the federal ones.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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