Latest Trump Approval Poll Confirms America Hates Him


Many, many Americans seem to be fed up with President Donald Trump’s antics. According to new Gallup poll results, a mere 39 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of his job, which is a full seven percent lower than a pre-election level of approval for Trump among the general public, according to Gallup’s poll results. Perhaps Trump’s delusional anti-democratic fight against the election outcome has lost him some supporters — or perhaps Trump’s concurrent tacit dismissal of the actual seriousness of the COVID-19 threat has lost him some of his support.

In contrast to Trump’s low level of job performance approval among the general public, Gallup’s poll results indicate that almost two-thirds of Americans approve of the manner in which President-elect Joe Biden is handling his transition into the White House. No matter an initial delay while the federal General Services Administration dragged out its recognition of Biden’s victory — a formal recognition that gives his team access to important federal resources — Biden has swiftly moved to announce his picks for top spots across the federal government. Notably, unlike Trump, Biden hasn’t announced gallingly inexperienced family members for top governmental positions, although that’s a rather low bar.

Trump continues to maintain the idea that there’s some kind of legitimate pathway by which he could stay in office for another four years, which is just completely false. Across the country, liberal and conservative judges, including a slew of the president’s own appointees, have rejected the president’s claims.

In a lengthy video message that Trump posted this week, he ranted yet again about supposed fraudulent ballot “dumps” that swung the election to Biden — but these post-Election Day updates to reported results simply do not automatically warrant suspicion on account of their timing, as Trump insinuates. Authorities updated their reported results as workers counted ballots, and counting takes time! These concepts aren’t complicated. In some areas, workers and officials tabulated mail-in ballots after Election Day ballots, and these mail-in ballots leaned Democratic in part no doubt thanks to Trump’s months-long crusade to discredit mail-in voting, which his followers apparently took seriously. These concepts aren’t complicated!